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Maxime Bernier’s Five Minutes of Fame. His Last Five Minutes of Fame.

We hope that no one is surprised that Maxime Bernier quit the Conservative party – in the most undignified way possible. His speech was bitter, sarcastic and still sounding like a sore loser never getting over the fact that he lost the Conservative leadership race. It seems he can’t get past that moment in his life.

He said he will be starting his own party. Good luck to him. He is, shall we say, rather narcissistic. It will be almost impossible to work with or for him.

He’s also extremely calculating, waiting until the first day of the conservative convention to make his announcement. He obviously wanted to steal their thunder, which he succeeded in doing…today. After his five minutes of fame, he will be left alone, without a party and, although there is doubt some people will be going with him, basically a pariah in Ottawa. Unless of course the Liberals pick him up. People like him change their stripes if it helps them personally, having very little, if any, depth of conviction. And one more thing. He best take some English lessons. He sounds like he just left his farm in rural Quebec.

Blanche, you can’t say the Trump haters give up easily. They have tried everything under the sun and moon to get rid of Trump. So far nothing has worked, nor will this latest try be successful.

In order to prove criminal intent, you have to point to evidence that the actors knew or had reason to know what they were doing was illegal. Even the players in the field aren’t sure whether Trump’s payoffs were even governed by campaign finance law, given that they could be construed as personal expenditures. In other words, Trump did not intend to break the law.

Hush-money payments to mistresses are not really campaign expenditures. It is true that “contribution” and “expenditure” are defined in the Federal Election Campaign Act as anything “for the purpose of influencing any election,” and it may have been intended and hoped that paying hush money would serve that end. The problem is that almost anything a candidate does can be interpreted as intended to “influence an election,” from buying a good watch to make sure he gets to places on time, to getting a massage so that he feels fit for the campaign trail, to buying a new suit so that he looks good on a debate stage.

We have no doubt that his detractors have many more tricks up their sleeve, the latest one dropping hints that Trump is about to fire his Attorney General Jeff Sessions. They tried this a while ago and we are guessing that they are going back to their basket of tricks because if they didn’t succeed with Michael Cohen they must be apoplectic.

We watch and read the news from every side, among them MSNBC, who, on a daily basis, are hysterical about Trump and how he manages to stay in power. They have called him demented, say he has dementia, that he’s completely unhinged, that he will ruin the US forever. We could go on, but you get the picture. We must say here that Trump will not ‘ruin’ the United States. Once his term is over, the next person in the White House will do their own bit to help that along. Mercifully, the country is bigger than the person who ostensibly runs it. But we digress.

One of their (MSNBC) contributors, a black woman by the name of Yamiche Alcindor, has lost her liberal mind. How can that happen? Too much weight on the left side of the brain leaving the right side hollow.

Education secretary Betsy DeVos was considering allowing states to use federal funding to purchase firearms for teachers who wanted to carry at school with the goal of helping prevent school shootings. While we are sitting on the fence with this issue, her idea does not come out of a vacuum, if you recall the 17 children who were gunned down in Parkland Florida last February.

Alcindor, the genius that she is, said she believes arming white teachers could cause a racial problem. Here’s a headline for Alcindor: She is causing the racial problem. She went on to say:

“If you start arming teachers, there are black and brown students being, who are being disciplined more than their white counterparts, you could then start seeing statistics where potentially black students are getting shot or in accidents when their teachers are trying to shoot or do gun safety measures.”

This woman needs a muzzle. There are ways to discuss arming teachers and this is not one of them.

Some things in life may not be exactly politically correct, but they are icons. Barnum’s animal cracker box falls into this category. Unfortunately, that crazed organization called PETA decided that the box depicting animals in what appears to be a cage was too much for their very delicate sensibilities to bear.

They have succeeded in forcing Barnum to redesign their animal cracker packaging, which had been the same since 1902. No longer will the babies who are eating said crackers be offended by the old boxes. PETA’s holier-than-thou attitude is what turns people away from them and any good they could possibly be doing.

For all those out there in no-carb land, take note. A new study has come forward, (hopefully not from the flour industry) that eliminating carbs from one’s diet can take four years off your life.

This is a perfect example of this fact: eating a normal diet with all the food groups makes sense. Not too much fat, carbs or sugar. Enjoy your food and Blanche, life is short. Eat dessert first.

Those NAFTA talks going on between Mexico and the United States are coming along just tickety-boo. Very, very soon, Canada will be asked back to the table. It cannot be that our Prime Minister is proud of this accomplishment.

We sincerely hope he is not going to blame Trump for his own inadequacies because it won’t work. Case in point is his chief negotiator Chyrsta Freeland keeps opening her mouth to change feet. She is now very encouraged from what she is hearing from our NAFTA partners. Can someone please send Freeland a memo to keep her mouth shut.

She’s encouraged that her partners, who slammed the door in her face are doing well? Perhaps she should get a mirror, of course one that shows gender equality, aboriginal rights and climate change, and she will see exactly why the door is closed to Canada until Trump is good and ready to see her and her entourage. From Trudeau down they played this completely on the wrong page.

Can someone please explain the latest craze of dog attacks on children and adults? What’s with their owners? They don’t have a leash? They can’t control Sparky? We are very much in favour of muzzles on dogs that owners are unable to control and we hope that someone passes this law very quickly before more people get bitten.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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