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If we have an opinion and someone doesn't agree with what we said, we move on. To each his own. Live and let live.

Not so the lbgtqia+, woke and liberals. If you don't adhere and agree with their opinions, edicts and what they want done right now you are branded lesser than them. You are then called out for being bigoted, narrow-minded, small-minded - and those are the good names.

Let's start with San Jose Sharks’ goalie James Reimer, a overall nice guy who happens to take his christian religion seriously. His crime according to wokeness and the lbgtqia+? He refused to wear a pride-themed jersey (as in a rainbow) for pre-game warm-ups. He is entitled to his opinion, especially when he has to wear something that he doesn't agree with. Not so according to the liberal-woke bs culture.

He has been branded a homophobe, giant bigot, hateful and brainwashed. And those were the good names he got called.

But what is the worst kind of liberal? One that made a mistake and can't admit it. We speak of someone by the name of Hillary Ronen hailing from, none other than mother-of-all-liberal cities, San Francisco.

In 2020, this beauty advocated to defund the police. Vociferously. With great gusto and indignation. Now guess what? She is calling for more policing in crime-ridden San Francisco.

What exactly did she think was going to happen if the police were eliminated? That the bad guys would run away? No. Ms. Ronen. More bad guys came because there was less police.

Thanks to the pushing of gloriously short-sighted liberals like her, San Francisco's mayor redirected $120 million from law enforcement to fund other city initiatives.

You know, like when a man in a mental health crisis is threatening his wife with a kitchen knife, the liberals think calling in social workers to help him with his 'feelings' will solve the problem. No it won't. The wife will get stabbed.

So the police were defunded in San Francisco and guess what happened? Crime went off the charts with homicides increasing by 20% in 2020 compared to 2019. Homicides also increased 17% in 2021 compared to the previous year.

Now this beauty is crying for them to put the money back into policing. With resentment no less, that her city is no longer the darling tourist attraction it once was. Boo hoo.

Here's a tip for her ilk including those going after James Reimer:

When someone with a differing opinion voices that opinion, grow up. Stop being entitled spoiled brats whose delicate sensibilities are 'hurt' by someone saying something you don't agree with. Feh. Feh. Feh.

Like him or not, one thing you have to say about Donald Trump - he knows how to play the media game. He should be giving lessons to Pierre Poilievre. Not only does PP need to engage the media - something he seems to be allergic to - he needs to do so proactively. Not snivel that he doesn't talk to reporters. Dealing with the media comes with his job. We sincerely hope this does come as a surprise to him.

No doubt PP and his handlers know that in a recent poll in quebec their approval rating was nasty to put it mildly. We assume that these back room boys and girls running PP's campaign know that they need lots of seats in Quebec to win a federal election.

Now it comes out in a recent poll that women despise him. What's the problem here?

Regarding quebec, it's pretty well black and white. Quebec has 78 potential seats. PP has to win a lot of those seats to get a majority in Ottawa.

Regarding women - and we are one of them - PP comes across as an entitled, angry, pompous jerk. He may be a very nice person, but it's not coming through at all. And the polls are showing what we are thinking.

Here's a headline: If Justin gets in again (perish the thought) - with a minority or majority - anyone associated with conservative party - including PP - should resign.

German tourists who entered Nablus recently with a rented car from Tel Aviv (with Israeli license plates) were nearly lynched by Palestinians and miraculously came out alive. On what planet do these people live?

Here's a headline: when you travel, ignorance is no longer bliss. With the world as insane as it is, it is incumbent on people to be prepared. Believe it or not, in this day and age, there is actually a website that does this for you. Who knew?

Simply google travel advisories and a few sites will pop up like the US State Department. Lo and behold, that website will tell you that there is a travel Advisory for the West Bank, and Gaza. And where were these genius tourists? In the west bank.

In the end, their ignorance made them more educated as they saw firsthand the reality of what happens when an Israeli citizen enters the Palestinian territory. They should go back and kiss the Israel's ground.

The Palestinian Authority is rewarding terrorists who have targeted Jews in Israel with the construction of a luxury village. Got that dearies? You murder a Jew and you get handsomely rewarded and not with candies. Gross.

The Arab Fund for Development in Africa and the Islamic Development Bank are also funding the project, which will feature 100 homes built near Ofra in the biblical area of Samaria, an area considered part of Area B, meaning that the Palestinian Authority (PA) has civilian control but the Israel Defense Forces maintain security.

Get this one: In order to be eligible to live in the luxury area, the terrorists must have spent at least five years in an Israeli prison.

This is the dream of every murderer of Israelis. And your fool of a prime minister Justin gives them money. He's a total moron.

Not be a debbie downer, but three years ago this week we were locked down due to the pandemic. Everything closed. All shuls, schools, restaurants, bars, borders, airports, stores except for 'essentials' etc. Who can't forget Costco's clothing department roped off? Like buying clothes was going to give you covid but not buying toilet paper.

At that time, everybody thought in few weeks we would be up and running. Unfortunately, once leaders got a taste of how exhilarating it was to control their peeps with 'emergency powers' it was very very difficult for them to let go of that power.

In fact, it went to their heads and many, like the czar here, abused that privilege grossly.

Who can't forget the czar legault keeping us locked up like budgies in a cage for almost 2 years, with one curfew after another to 'keep us safe'. What a crock that turned out to be.

All those curfews did was kill the economy and, equally as bad if not worse kept the schools closed and put the poorest children even more behind the eight-ball than they already were.

Those kids could not go to school online, nor of course could they afford tutors online to keep them at grade level. The result was that many of them simply dropped out of school altogether and those who imposed the school closures - like Cuomo in New York, are long gone. Gross.

As we said in the first piece, Donald Trump knows how to play the media like a fiddle. This time he got them jumping because he read somewhere that he was going to be arrested today and told whatever followers he has left, to protest in New York.

Let's start with his followers. The geniuses who followed his directive to storm the Capitol in Washington are all, slowly but surely going to jail. It may take the FBI a few years, but all of those yahoos got caught on cameras and each and everyone will be identified and prosecuted.

Is Trump defending them? Sending them money for lawyers? Did he even thank them for what they did for him? No to all the above.

Today it appears that the anti-Trumpers outnumbered the Maga supporters in the New York protest. It seems his 'base' got the message: Give me money but expect nothing from me.

As for playing the media, he got everybody all hyped up today and punkt - he is going to be arraigned tomorrow and will surrender next week. Trump ruined everybody's fun.

What about next week when he surrenders? You can bet your bippy he is going to milk that moment to every last drop. He will be arraigned, finger printed, and pose for his mugshot - all with the media clicking away on their cameras.

All in all, this is an ugly circus that is a waste of time and money. Our guess is that may be Trump's last hurrah and he wants to go out with a bang. Pathetic.

We'll talk...

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