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Mindlessly Following Entitled Politicians

Short Editorial It appears that some Canadian politicians have forgotten that being elected is not a G-d-given right. It is not a gift to be squandered. It is not a gift that should give a politician a sense of entitlement. Rather it should make one feel humbled. It appears that the Liberal party has left any semblance of humbleness and thankfulness in the dust.

Why MP’s choose to follow a hollow, pretentious leader who thinks himself privileged, continuously spinning lies to prop himself up, is the beyond the pale of understanding. MP’s are not painted with the same brush as their leader. They do have a mind of their own…unless of course those MP’s are themselves arrogant and feel entitled.

The Judy Wilson Raybould scandal will eventually fade, but the appalling behaviour of the Liberal party will not. Their lack of honesty and integrity is spectacular.

There are those who could have gotten out at the beginning of this scandal but chose to remain, again, continuously spinning the story  to make them look good and hopefully keep their seat in the next election.

As chairman of the Justice Committee, Anthony Housefather has been a massive disappointment to those in his riding. He was in a position to show his constituents that he has a moral compass and squandered that opportunity. Shame on him for trying to protect Justin Trudeau who will stop at nothing to hold onto power.

Here’s a headline for Anthony: If  Trudeau thinks he will be a liability in the next election, poof! just like that he will be tossed under the bus as JWR was, let loose to fend for himself. Housefather missed the boat, threw away the lifejacket and tossed whatever legacy he had overboard.

Breaking News: Judy Wilson Raybould and Jane Philpott were removed from the Liberal caucus today. Trudeau had the gall to say that his party acted with full transparency which is exactly why we are incensed that Housefather keeps doing his bidding.

Transparency? Trudeau is hiding behind a cement wall. Nothing transparent about that. And good for JWR that she got it out to the media before Justin had a chance to tell them.

So what’s the deal with Joe Biden? Did he do what those women said he or was he set up by Zaidy Bernie who doesn’t want him to run? Your guess is as good as ours. 

Seems one of the women who accused Biden is on Team Bernie. It appears Lucy Flores will move heaven and earth for Bernie. Read on.

We are not overly fond of the #metoo movement and feel it has been hijacked by extremists, which is never good. Given that, without their public shaming of men, people like Joe Biden would have continued to get way, way to close to women, invading their comfort zone. There is a world of difference between a warm hug and a way-to-close hug.

Having someone move into our private space makes women feel very uncomfortable. What does he really want? Why do I feel his breath on my neck?  Why can I smell him? Why did he come up behind me to give me a hug? Ich. Ich. Ich.

Women are more in tune to this kind of ‘almost’ going over the line. Did Joe Biden cross that line? Time will tell.

Premier Legault’s new bill banning hijabs, kippahs and any other overt religious garb for  government employees in positions of authority — judges, police, educators in elementary and high school (plus anyone carrying a weapon, such as wildlife officers) is being met with a resistance that we think he did not bargain for.

Let’s start with his desperate attempt to sell this to many who won’t buy it by using a facebook video. If he was preaching to the converted it was fine. But that video was aimed at people who did not buy his new law and he looked like a buffoon trying to convince those people.

As a good friend said, stop clutching your pearls because the majority of Quebeckers want this law. While that may be true,  those who don’t want it, mainly in the city of Montreal and in position of authority not to uphold said law, are going to test Legault.

What is he going to do when all the Montreal municipalities get together and en masse decide they will hire who they want – hijab and all? Seems he’s going to call the police – we’re guessing either the newly formed hijab or kippah police. Now that will go over well on CNN and other world media outlets.

Let’s call a spade a spade. The bottom line of this law is that the majority of Quebeckers do not want their province to become like Europe, overrun with muslims who are now taking over that continent. More than that, they don’t want women with any authority covering their faces a la niqab which is correct. If someone is giving orders, ya have to see their face.

Given that, his law is coming a bit too late, as for decades, North Africans who speak French and wear hijabs were warmly invited to come to Quebec. Now Legault has changed the playing field.

We’re happy you’re here, we love you, but you better look, dress and act like us or leave. This is getting set up to be a battle Royale.

While Brexit is no laughing matter, the fact that the English have become apoplectic about it is rather amusing. Staid, ramrod straight, harumphing Brits are becoming unraveled because they have no exit plan with the new date of April 12 rapidly approaching.

One of the funniest lines we read about the issue is this one: Brexit was like the UK got drunk and accidentally unfriended Europe on Facebook. Unfortunately this joke has the ring of truth to it.

We’ll talk…

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