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Mireille Knoll, of Righteous Memory

Remember her name: Mireille Knoll, of righteous memory. She is the 85 year old Holocaust survivor who was murdered in Paris by her muslim neighbour, brutally stabbed and then burned by a man whom she had known since he was seven years old.

Anti-semitisim is alive, well and flourishing. Last week in Toronto someone threw rocks until he smashed the glass of the front doors of a well-known Chabad house/synagogue.

For Jews living in Europe the peaceful life they knew has been long over. Europe has been overrun by muslims and white supremacists, rabid anti-Semites.

While we live in a safe environment, unafraid to walk in the streets as visible Jews, we would be fools to take this for granted. The world is a very small place. Our dear prime minister Justin Trudeau, has invited, with open arms no less, thousands of undocumented immigrants to enter Canada.

Extreme right wing groups are known for their anti-semitism. Now, extreme left-wing groups, such as the march for women are aligning themselves with openly anti-semitic people such as Farrakhan. When the right and left meet on anti-semitism, it is not good news.

This week, our prime minister apologized for the six Tsilhqot’in chiefs who were hanged by the government more than 150 years ago. He has not said a word about what happened in Paris and tweeted a few innocuous and pathetic words about what happened in Toronto.  Figure it out yourself. And after you do that, when you hear of anti-semitic attacks, use your voice on social media.

Blanche, ever hear of the saying much ado about nothing? Stormy Daniels aka Stephanie Clifford was intimate with Donald Trump. She appeared on 60 Minutes Sunday night amid much anticipation. Her appearance was a dud.

Does anyone care what Donald Trump did five, ten or fifteen years ago? Does it make a difference to the truck driver who can now, because of Trump’s economic policies, put food on his table and buy his children new clothing? Nope.

This is yet another attempt at the Democrats and some Republicans to get rid of Trump. It won’t work. President Kennedy had a special door where women came in and out. Clinton was ‘busy’ right in the Oval Office. Men with power use that power to get whatever they want. It’s as old as the hills.

Everyone needs to get a grip. Until the Democrats come up with a viable candidate, Trump is going nowhere fast.

After watching a few minutes of the march for our lives in Washington, we could not think to ourselves,  who paid for everything? So we did a bit of digging and came up with the following: The liberal, left-wing, tree-hugging Hollywood gang.

These are the same people who were silent for decades when Harvey Weinstein was abusing young women. These are the same people who adored Obama, the president who talked the talked but never walked the walk. The same people who were beside themselves when Hillary Clinton did not break the ‘glass ceiling’, weeping for weeks. The same people who donated tons of money to the Clinton foundation only to find out the money went directly into the pockets of the Clintons.

While the students have a point – there are too many guns in the US, they are missing the main point of this whole issue: While they are learning academic subjects in school, they are being let down by educators in a big way, which is brought out by all the shootings: they are not taught basic humanity – compassion and kindness toward another fellow human being.

While it may not be exciting, nor garner millions to a march, there is something that will help the situation: A moment of silence in school at the beginning of the day. One moment to reflect on yourself, your friends, perhaps someone who needs a hug and mostly that there is a G-d and purpose in the world and each one of us counts.

Can people stop and take a breath for a minute? Heineken beer released an ad for its light beer with the tagline “Sometimes lighter is better.” Chance the Rapper tweeted that the ad was “terribly racist.” Really?

The ad was about light beer. It’s 99 calories. What is Heineken supposed to call their beer? Low calorie? Fat free? 99 calorie beer? How about lighter is better? That sounds good. It’s about beer. Calm down.

We’ll talk…

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