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Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who’s the Nastiest of Them All?

Blanche, did you see the fly land on Hillary’s face in the first minutes of the debate? How in the world could a fly have the audacity to do that? But we digress. As one media outlet wrote, it was a spectacularly nasty debate.

Over the weekend Trump was written off by every media station and person known to man. His VP was going to quit or take over, his campaign manager was quitting, people were leaving him like the fly that landed on Hillary. The drums were beating to the sound of those who said he would never, in a million years, win the nomination. Ah but they forgot one important fact. He’s a survivor not a politician. When the naysayers get down into the mud with him, that’s when he really starts to come alive.

Unlike Hillary who, because she really does have two campaigns – one for the plebs and one for the wall street dudes – didn’t know who to pander to. To bad Trump didn’t really go after her for that.

He held his own, although much of what he says is pure air to put it in a nice way. He’s also lucky that the moderators prevented him from rambling and harming himself as much as he otherwise probably would have by stopping him every two minutes.

She went after him but lies through those teeth and idiotic grin of hers. CNN is in total panic mode today. Their candidate – Hillary did not deliver the fatal blow to Trump. They can say she won all they want. She didn’t.

After all is said and done Americans have two choices: vote for a lying, sneaking bitch or for a crude, lowlife albeit scrappy businessman. Sadly this is a reflection on the country itself. FYI the debate was live streamed in Iran. So if you think it’s only the US that’s being entertained, think again.

Jean Francois Lisee was elected as leader of the PQ this weekend. He is nothing short of a snake in wolf’s clothing. His mandate is not to call a referendum right after being elected. He wants to create a dialogue with the English community. Can we talk? He will wait it out – even if it takes a couple of decades – to steer the province toward a referendum.

The PQ exists for one reason: to be the master of their own country. Coupled with the arrogance of Couillard and his missives, especially our health minister Barret, there is no doubt that Lisee will use his wily words wisely.

You know those photo-radar cameras? The ones that catch you speeding without you ever knowing it? Well, there are two very special cameras located west and north of Montreal. Take a wild guess how much the one in the west island brings in per day? $20,000. Is that crazy?

Here’s a headline: stick to the speed limit or just above it and you won’t have any issues…or tickets. We’ve had more than one genius fly by us in the left lane, going so fast we wondered if someone had really been there.

If you own a Samsung Note 7 Smart Phone, you may want to consider dumping it. For sure don’t take it on a plane and expect to use it, as the flight attendants will tell you to immediately turn it off as it may catch fire.

Today Samsung has decided to stop production on said smart phone. Good idea, eh? Don’t think they came up with this idea themselves. ART&T and Mobile T have both stopped selling the product. It appears Samsung was able to read between the lines or see the wall with the writing.

The scary clown business that seems to have taken over where pokeman left off is no laughing matter. People dressed as scary clowns, bent on frightening people is a very sick joke, one that has taken the world by storm.

In general, many children are afraid of clowns. Now they are afraid to walk home for fear of seeing one on the street near their homes. The message for losers who think this is funny is this: you’re a loser hiding behind a mask. What possible fun can there be in scaring little kids?

As we were researching this news item it came to light that perhaps the president, as in Obama, was not advised of this growing phenomena. Seriously? He has to know about this? Call the police, have the clowns arrested and let them spend a week or so locked up. We’ll see how much laughing they will do then.

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