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Na na na, na na na, hey hey, goodbye

While watching the total meltdown of the PQ, princess pauline and her missives on Monday night, we thought it was as sweet as it gets. We were wrong. It’s getting better by the day. Today Lisee, one of the main men behind the charter,  said he didn’t really feel comfortable with the it. Oh really? Ever hear of the intuition of rats when they know the ship they are on is sinking? He’s a rat. If anyone believes him for a millisecond they belong in his corner. He’s trying to save his himself from being associated with losers and liars. His words are hollow and empty.

Drainville is another one who should sink to the bottom with that ship and another one who now says he always intended to compromise on the charter of values. What a crock. He’s a weasel and trying to save his political skin.

He’s trying to distance himself from one of the most mismanaged political campaigns in history  and doesn’t want to look like one of its main architects, which he was. How will that look when he tries to run for the leadership of that party?

Here’s a little secret for him: Ya can run buddy, but ya can’t hide. Those pictures with him and a beady-eyed smiling marois holding up that famous chart of a kippa, hijab etc will haunt him for the rest of his life.  A picture is worth a thousand words. That picture is worth a million.

Princess pauline herself has been hiding way in a hole (albeit a multi-million dollar one) like a rat for the past three days. She didn’t even surface today for a cabinet meeting to recap the monumental loss of her party. Oh my goodness, could the princess be upset? She is a disgusting human being.  No matter how upset she is, it pales in comparison to what she did to her own people for the past 18 months.

Yesterday we heard  that it was not only the Anglos and Allophones who despised her. Her own people couldn’t stand her holier-than-thou, bow down and kiss my feet  attitude. No one is bowing down and kissing any part of her anymore. Well, except her husband Claude, who it appears  dyes (farbs) his hair.  Not only is he too old to be a blonde, the dye job is bad.  For such a rich guy we wonder if he has a mirror in that condo of his.

And while we’re at it, he doesn’t have enough money to fix his teeth? Maybe he likes to whistle at the princess. Hehehehehe.

Wait Blanche, there’s more good news. Hopefully, our new premier will do away with one of the most stupid, small-minded and ridiculous bureaucrats that we pay for. We are speaking of the missives at the office de la langue francais – the oqlf. Today they got quite the rude awakening.

Best Buy, Costco, The Gap, Old Navy, Guess, Walmart and Curves won an appeal in the Quebec Supreme court allowing them to continue with their current signage. We will remind you of yet another beauty in Quebec, Lise Beaudoin. In 1998 she expressed concerns about that those signs might threaten the French face of Quebec. The only threat to Quebec is her face.

It will be very interesting to see what Couillard does with these bureaucrats. They are nothing more than a blight on earth, serving absolutely no purpose whatsoever. Pointe finale.

One more sweet little ditty on quebec politics and we’ll move on. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving:)

Today Francois Legault of the CAQ offered Drainville, Lisee and Peladeau to join his party. How nice is that? Just when you thought things couldn’t get any nuttier here, they do. Legault better watch himself. If the people who just voted 70% against any referendum get wind that he’s outwardly moving in that direction, he may have to hook up with the princess and claude in their rat hole somewhere.

First some background on the next piece: Throwing shoes at a politician is extremely offensive in many countries. The bottom line is (pardon the pun) a shoe is dirt and throwing a shoe on someone means throwing dirt on that person.

Ok. Now armed with that information, read on. Hillary Clinton was speaking today at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (probably charging them a cool $250,000 ) in Las Vegas, when someone threw a shoe at her. Not only was she physically quick and dodged it, she was quick on her feet in her retort. Given that, the picture of her on Drudge was b.a.d. Not sure why he’s out to get her, but he is.

We don’t usually comment on the passing of politicians, but today is different. Jim Flahtery, who just a few weeks ago resigned as Canada’s Finance Minister passed away today. What is different about this man was that he was an honorable, dedicated and exceptional servant to his country.  He was liked and respected by everyone – both here in Canada and abroad.

It is very rare when someone who just retired from being a minister passes away and the flags in Ottawa are at half mast, parliament is shut down for the day and the Ontario parliament also closed down. Thomas Mulcair, leader of the NDP, almost broke down speaking about Flaherty.

Given the low life’s in this province, we can take heart that there were and are still some honest, decent people in government.

As Passover begins on Monday night, we’ll be sending out a Blanche report on Sunday night.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

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