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Naive, Save-the-World Tourists Need to Take a Reality Pill

Some people who read the Blanche report have done their own form of reporting and decided that the news we are giving along with the commentary is not that nice. Seriously?

Here’s a headline: there’s nothing nice to write about someone like Harvey Weinstein, nor is there anything nice about how quiet the democrat party was for quite a few days after stuff hit the fan. It’s very easy to say now that Weinstein didn’t get away with anything. Well, here’s another newsflash: he got away with being one of the grossest people in Hollywood for about three decades. That news is factual. So, if what people want are happy yummy stories, perhaps read about migrating birds, sand turtles or how to make gefilte fish. Here we deal with hardcore news.

It appears that the new leader in Austria will, at 31 years old, be the world’s youngest leader. He looks like a teenager. Pretty scary. It’s not a done deal yet. He ran on a platform similar to Trump’s – put Austrian people first. That of course equals a strong anti-immigration policy.

If he does win, he will have to form a coalition and it will most likely be with the far right party. Stay tuned to this one.

We are sure you heard about the rescue of Canadian Joshua Boyle and his wife, Caitlan Coleman who were kidnapped in early October 2012 as they trekked across Afghanistan. Blanche, can we talk?

Who, in their right mind, goes to Afghanistan on vacation? Or North Korea where the school sanctioned trip resulted in the brutal murder of Otto Warmbier. It’s not fun, cool or adventurous to go to those places. You are not going to save the world by going to try to ‘talk’ to people involved in centuries old tribal warfare.

It’s stupid and selfish because after you get caught governments have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to rescue you. Here’s a tip: You want adventure? Go hang-gliding.

Hillary Clinton is addicted to politics and simply cannot come to terms with the fact that she lost the election. She recently lumped Donald Trump together with Harvey Weinstein. Could someone please pass this memo onto her: nobody cares what she thinks.

Aside from a lawsuit that may come her way, her inflammatory statements are not going to get rid of Trump nor put her in the White House. That’s over and done with.

Instead of trying to unite the country, she is doing her damnedest to split the country and demean the office of the president. She is quite the piece of work.

One more thing about Hillary. Here’s what not to do if you don’t want to break any bones in your body: Run downstairs in heels with a cup of coffee and fall backwards! The exclamation point came from Hillary as she is now on crutches with a boot because she broke her toe doing all of the above. We wish her well.

Vacation update: Due to the recent hurricanes and massive destruction in Puerto Rico, St. Maarten and St. Thomas, just about all basic infrastructure was wiped out. Many of these island nations or protectorates are in danger of quickly becoming welfare states.

Here’s what you need to know in case you are a) thinking to go to those places on vacation or b) some lowlife tour operator is trying to tell you that cruise ships can still go there: The rebuilding will take a minimum of two years. Don’t go and don’t give your money to anyone who tells you that it’s ok to go.

Remember a couple of weeks ago the United States announced 300 per cent preliminary duties on exports of the aircraft following a complaint from Airbus rival Boeing. Well, big corporations are not going to lie down and just let anyone run them over.

European aircraft giant Airbus Group bought a majority stake in Bombardier’s CSeries program is now going to assemble the plane in the U.S. to avoid import duties. What does that mean for Quebec’s darling Bombardier and Quebec’s never-ending investment in that company?

Bombardier will own 31 per cent and the Quebec government’s investment agency will hold 19 per cent, down from 49.5 per cent when it invested US$1 billion in the program. And the final nail in the Bombardier coffin? Airbus can buy out Bombardier after 7.5 years and the Quebec government in 2023.

In case you don’t understand all this business jargon, it means that in a few years Bombardier will no longer be owned by Canada.

Many sports pundits are saying that the Montreal Canadiens will be fine during the rest of the season as they have lost almost every game they played so far this year. One of their players has shaved his head hoping to bring good luck to the team. They don’t need luck. They need to start playing like professionals who are being paid millions of dollars to do so.

Instead of shaving their heads or growing beards or buying good luck roosters, how about getting their act together as a team? Hockey in most small towns in Quebec is the first, only and official religion. The Habs don’t want to find themselves going the way of the catholic churches which are now empty.

We’ll talk…

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