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Never Ask Google For Medical Advice. We Have Gone from a Mild Headache to Clinically Dead in Three C

Up until last night we were fans of Donald Trump. He sounded fresh, had no political baggage and although he has no filter, somehow he got away with saying some really nasty things.

Last night he looked out of his league. We watched off and on, mostly the last hour. Can we talk? A three hour debate? How did they stand for that long, especially Carly Fiorina who was in heels. While she is very slight, nonetheless standing on heels in one place for so long cannot be comfortable. But we digress.

When Trump was asked to explain his take on autism and vaccines we sat bolt upright. The English doctor who published that report said that everything he wrote was a fabrication. The non-vacciners don’t believe that. They still won’t vaccinate their children. Trump had to do a serious side-step to move away from that and the fact that he even brought it up does not show him up well at all.

Who shone last night was the only woman in the running, Carly Fiorina. While she was a tad on the stiff side, she is highly intelligent, extremely articulate and quick on her feet. She reminded us of Margaret Thatcher in her authoritative demeanor and was definitely presidential-like. She would give Hillary a serious run for her money.

Rand Paul looks and sounds like an imp. His hair has to go. Chris Christy sounded good but he has truckloads of baggage. Ben Carson was so calm we wondered if he had a pulse. It’s a bit much. Jeb Bush made us nervous. He reminds us a bit of Kramer, a tad jerky. Marco Rubio was good but sweating bullets. Scott Walker was there but invisible.

All in all, while the polls may still have Trump out in front, we think that last night some of his adoring fans might have seen him in a different light. He’s in the game but there’s pretty well no substance.

Tonight is the Canadian debate. Bet you can’t wait. Our election campaign is a serious yawn.

Obama is being his lovely liberal self again. The White House announced a new campaign Thursday to get the 8.8 million legal immigrants in the United States on U.S. citizenship rolls – a message presidential staffers are sending across the nation just in time for voting season. They’re legal, they breath and once they become citizens they can vote, obviously for the democrat candidate. Keep reading.

The Obama administration is pressing for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to make it easier for the legals to pass the test. The agency is going to provide practice tests via cellphone – yes Blanche, you read that right – as well as hold study and preparatory workshops in key spots around the country. In other words they have to be totally illiterate to fail the exam as they are all but getting the answers. But that’s not all.

Then the White House has a very special plan to make immigrants feel welcome, in part by adjusting Justice Department rules so that those who want to help with the citizenship process can get their credentials quicker. We’ll stay in Canada. Has anyone seen the insane amount of roadwork happening these days? If we thought last week was bad, seems that 10 new road works sites are popping up everyday. Where were these dudes when half the city was away on vacation during the 8 weeks of summer? Now they wake up? As we have said on numerous occasions, brains have eluded those in charge of public works here in la belle province. They know they are not accountable to anyone so they just do whatever they heck they want. Too much poutine.

Here’s a travel tip: stay out of New York City on September 24 and 25. Da pope is coming for a short visit. There will no doubt be the mother-of-all gridlock in Manhattan as he’s going to be in the heart of the heart – Fifth and 50th.

Those syrian ‘refugees’ are still swarming all over Europe. Today they broke through police lines in Croatia. They are fighting with the Hungarians and Germany is overloaded. The EU has gotten themselves into a mess they cannot get out of.

Best you not apply for a job as a flight attendant on Air India unless you are skinny. The airline recently tested over 3,000 employees and found that approximately 20% of them were overweight – read fat. These employees were recommended diet and exercise before being reconsidered for employment.

We don’t think this would fly in North America – pardon the pun. If an airline attendant on, say, United was told they were fat and had to lose weight or find another job, the airline would be hit with a lawsuit so fast they wouldn’t know which end of the scale to stand on.

If you were flying American Airlines today you were not a happy camper. Their entire system went down for about two hours grounding plane in three hubs – Miami, Dallas and Chicago. We cannot even imagine what the loos looked like. Everything was up and running again after two hours. This seems to be happening on a pretty regular basis. Glitches they are called. We hope that someone is not testing the systems to one day have one gigantic and very long glitch. And we also hope someone is trying to find out what’s really happening.

Blanche will be coming to you on Monday and Thursday next week as Tuesday is Yom Kippur.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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