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Updated: Jul 17, 2022

We simply could not resist the picture for today’s blog. When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, this is the picture they were referring to.

Here’s a text we got from someone who returned from Florida this past Tuesday:  Came back yesterday from Florida , the chaos at the airport was inimaginable !! Long lines everywhere , and no one is reacting. We are like ‘´Moutons de Panurge ´´ No right to ask a question never mind getting an answer. Just line up and wait……

Now add this to that statement: Canada is bringing back mandatory random testing of travellers arriving at main airports. So you got vaccinated – three, four or five times –  and you get punished anyway. Two things here: a) who is benefitting from this testing? In other words, who is making money off this?

And b) What happens if you refuse to be tested after waiting for your luggage for three hours? Will they arrest you? Will they force you to ‘quarantine’ for two weeks? Will they take away your pizza for a week?

The only redeeming feature about this is that you have 24 hours to get tested on your own. The problem is, the only testing available right now is the rapid testing. Unless of course you want to pay $200 for a pcr test which no one will do. Personally,  we would use our  bird’s nose for the test and it will come back negative.

As Justin continues to deflect, change the subject, run away and hide, the misery of Canadians trying to travel continues with no end in sight and he just made it infinitely worse.

Josh Hawley is a republican. He’s not one of our favorite people.  Very full of himself and entitled. However, in this instance, he was 100% correct. What transpired between him and Berkley professor Khiara Bridges is epic and a perfect example of why the democratic liberal, woke culture, tree-hugging-save-the-whales-ducks and turtles are going to eventually implode. During an exchange in a Senate hearing on abortion Hawley called her out on her repeated use of this statement “people with a capacity for pregnancy”. Hawley kept asking her if by people, she meant to refer to women. Ready for her answer:

“There are also trans-men who have the capacity for pregnancy,” adding “cis-women” and “non-binary people” do get pregnant from intimacy.

In case you don’t quite understand her response, here are the definitions of cisgender and non-binary:

Cisgender is a gender identity that aligns with the sex a doctor assigned a person at birth. That means, in case you didn’t quite get it, that when a parent or doctor called you a boy or a girl when you were born, they got it right. Duh.

Non-binary are people who decided that their gender is not male or female and use many different terms to describe themselves, with non-binary being one of the most common.

Now, back to that genius professor from Berkley Khiara Bridges and her statement that ‘people’ with a capacity for pregnancy. Can we talk?

In biology 101 we learned that men and women’s bodies are different. Men have facial hair and can grow beards. Men can use the terlit anywhere by standing and women have to sit, ergo suffer some disgusting terlits. And, get this…women are the ones who have a uterus and carry a baby. Men don’t have a uterus.

This entire exchange may want to make you take a paper bag and put it over your head.

The genius Quebec government came out with new edicts today because of the 7th wave of covid. Here ya go: try to be outside as much as possible. That includes working outside, trying to have meetings outside. Eat outside. Maybe sleep outside. Please don’t go to the loo outside. There are no words for how jaw-droopingly stupid those who are running Quebec are. None. They had over two years to do something about our pathetic health-care system and they did nothing.

They are crying that hundreds of health-care workers are sick or on vacation. How about this: Drop your vicious bill 96 and maybe doctors will stay here instead of running away as far as they can. Then the shortage of workers will ease up. Wait Blanche. That would require intelligence…

So you know that our tree-hugging mayor Valerie Plante and her good friends like Justin are pushing for electric cars by 2030. That means that we all have to have one.  Well peeps – Tesla is asking all Texas-based customers to avoid charging their electric vehicles during certain times of the day as the Lone Star State is currently experiencing a massive heatwave that is straining its electrical power grid.

Here in la belle province we are renowned for our power failures. Sneeze the wrong way and the power goes off. Our grid ain’t exactly something to write home about.

Has anything been done to upgrade the grid so that the millions of electric cars can be charged? Our guess is no they have not.

If they don’t do something and keep pretending that fossil fuel and cow ’emissions’ are killing our world, this is the alert you will get on your electric car, as they did in Tesla’s in Texas:

“A heat wave is expected to impact the grid in Texas over the next few days. The grid operator recommends to avoid charging during peak hours between 3pm and 8pm, if possible, to help statewide efforts to manage demand.”

If that Berkley professor’s very special take on who can become pregnant was not enough for you or you took the paper bag off your head, here’s one more little ditty to digest.

At the same Senate committee hearing on abortion, Fatima Goss Graves, president of the National Women’s Law Center, was unable to define the word “woman” during the hearing. Again we say, you cannot make this stuff up.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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