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Note to Trump: Unless you have changed your name to Google, stop acting like you know everything.

Those working in Quebec’s office de la langue francais all need a lobotomy. Yesterday they said that PK Subban should be called Pah Keh – in other words say the letters of his name in french. He made fun of them right to their faces saying “You can call me whatever you want, even Denzel” which appears to be his name. Today they said boxing day has to be called les soldes d’Après-Noël or even better – soldes du lendemain de Noël. Can we talk?

Who pays the salaries of these morons? We fear it is all of us. They need to get a grasp on reality and we know exactly where they can get it. Someone has to book them on a flight to the middle east and drop them in a really over-crowded refugee camp. You know the ones where the terlit water flows down the middle of the road and people have to forage for food in the garbage. Somehow we think they will have a much better perspective on life when they get back here. What? Someone already bought them a one-way ticket? Quel dommage.

And speaking of lobotomy’s, it appears that PKP – the light-headed leader of the separatist party in Quebec has been well trained when being interviewed. When asked yesterday what he thinks of partitions if Quebec would ever separate – perish the thought- his response was there’s no such thing. He’s wrong and lying as he addressed the issue two weeks ago and caused a huge gefuffelment.

The native Canadians have said unequivocally that if Quebec ever separates they are staying in Canada. No such thing as partitions? There will be a civil war before those dudes become part of the country of quebec. Here’s another newsflash: Montreal won’t want to go either. What’s he going to do then? While his missives may have schooled him in how to talk to the press, they have not given him very good advice on how to deal with questions that require an answer. He’s a perfect example of the adage that money can’t buy brains. Obama did not learn his lesson. On Friday morning November 13 he said that ‘we have contained isis”. On Friday night November 13 there was a massacre in Paris the likes of which they had not seen since WWII.

Today he reassured Americans that there was “no specific, credible threat” against the country ahead of the holidays. Why? Because he went to the National Counterterrorism Center and figured this out from a 10 minute visit. He did tell the public to be vigilant.

He is going to Hawaii on vacation for the next couple of weeks and you can bet your bippy that there will be 10 security guards for every member of his family and then some. We can only pray that no one listening to him took the bait. There is no shortage of nutballs out there.

People who live in Utah must be very bored. They are the biggest fans of Star Wars in the United States with California a distant second. There is no middle ground when dealing with Star Wars. There are those who will line up for hours to get a ticket to the movie and those who wouldn’t spend ten seconds on it.

Then there is the ‘spoiler alert’. One is not allowed to breathe a word about the movie or they will be ‘shot’. People are encouraged to go to see the movie in costume but don’t cover your face or bring a toy gun. Thanks to isis and their ilk, everyone will be searched before going into the theater and many places have five or six security guards. In case you were not nervous before you went out, that’s enough to spook you. Guess who said these words about Donald Trump: He is a bright and talented person without any doubt,” adding that Trump is “an outstanding and talented personality.” Valdimir Putin. It seems that Putin likes aggressive, blunt people with a lot of bravado. Sound familiar? Blanche, can you imagine if Trump wins what he will do when he visits Putin? Never mind, don’t imagine, it’s too scary.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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