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The black mayor of New York, Eric Adams is apoplectic. So much so that he is accusing the white governor of Texas of racism. Why? Because Abbott in Texas is receiving the bulk of illegal immigrants at the his border and then bussing them to 'sanctuary cities', many of whom have black mayors. Can we talk?

New York. Los Angeles, Chicago, all sanctuary cities, all have black mayors. That doesn't make Abbott a racist. That makes those cities facing reality because they are now having to live up to what they said they were. A home for all, including illegal immigrants.

Just so happens those cities are all democratic and all wanted to defund the police. Adams from New York realized what a dumb move that was and is slowly trying to reverse that decision. But Chicago and LA? Sticking to their guns, pardon the pun.

Of all the 'sanctuary-defund-the-police cities to implode, the winner hands down is San Francisco. Nordstrom is now closing its store in downtown San Francisco.

Here's a travel tip: San Francisco used to be a fantastic vacation destination. No longer. You can't go downtown because of the endless 'campgrounds' that the police are simply leaving there. Pity. It was a great city to visit.

As for calling Abbott a racist - wrong terminology. He's a realist.

You know when there's a bad smell and it doesn't go away, you are in big trouble. Anheuser-Busch is in big trouble.

So much trouble that they sent a letter trying to convince wholesalers that dylan mulvaney (the he who pretends he's a she but is really a he) controversy that has caused sales of Bud Light to implode has been overblown. Let's just say they missed the boat. Or, that ship has sailed. Or perhaps the train has left the station. You get the drift.

“This was one single can given to one social media influencer. It was not made for production or sale to the general public. This can is not a formal campaign or advertisement.”

That may be true, but that one single can had the punim - face - of a man with makeup who is still a man but pretends he's a woman. As the last time we looked the USA was still a free country, millions of people didn't like what Anheuser-Busch was doing and decided to exercise their free will and not buy their beer.

That includes Billy-Bob, who lives in a trailer in the hills of Kentucky going into a bar for a cold beer after work. All he wants is a drink. He does not want to look at dylan mulvaney on his beer can with makeup. Like it or not, the can with that face is making an 'inclusive' political statement, which for Billy-Bob is the mother-of-all-turnoffs.

Clearly Anheuser-Busch doesn't think only this letter will help the massive fallout. How do we know this? The company is reportedly offering a free case of beer to every employee of its wholesaler network. Get rid of mulvaney. That would definitely be a good start.

In the oh-just-shut-up department, the LGBTQ rights group asking the CRTC to ban Fox News from cable packages in Canada. Why you ask?

Because of false and 'horrifying' claims made by host Tucker Carlson regarding transgender individuals. They can't be serious?

The group said the Fox News coverage aimed to provoke hatred and violence against 2SLGBTQI communities, particularly those who are Two Spirit, trans, nonbinary and gender non-conforming (2STNBGN).

Here's a headline for those peeps: If every time people of color, Jews or any other minority were slighted on cable channels and those groups demanded banning of different cable packages, we would be back to watching the CBC and Channel 12 which ended at midnight and didn't come back to life until 6:00 am the next morning with the national anthem.

Get a grip.

He's back in spades. We are referring to the author of the charter of values who made us pictures of men with kippahs and women with hijabs who were banned from any government positions, including teaching. In case we didn't understand...

We speak of bernard drainville, quebec's second czar, this genius in charge of education. He is now dictator in charge of education in our lovely province.

He is so involved in fact that it will be him who will be fully 'managing' the education system, naming the director generals of francophone service centres and school boards. He is even given the power to annul board decisions. All of this of course will also apply to the English school boards, which is the kiss of death for english education in this province.

The biggest chunk of the bill gives the government the power name the director generals and assistant director generals of the 72 francophone service centres and the nine anglophone boards as a way to make them more accountable to the government. More accountable to the government? No. That means more bureaucrats, the biggest employer of quebec.

Look for pictures a la banning kippahs and hijabs, this time banning english being spoken in hallways and other idiotic draconian and useless measures to keep the french language 'safe'.

Blanche, can you imagine if we really had an issue here? Oh wait. We do. Endless, ongoing power outages due to old equipment, poor maintenance of trees and the ignorant response that burying electrical wires is too expensive. Who cares about that? Certainly not our small-minded politicians. Giddy-up

If you think the grass is greener down south, it's not. In fact, we are almost going to say that we'll keep our loser politicians here. As least we can walk outside or go to a mall without fear of getting shot by some idiot with a semi-automatic rifle that fires 100 bullets in seconds.

Are we the only one who cannot believe that literally every single day there is a mass shooting in another city? It's either a disgruntled, fired employee, a drunk illegal immigrant, someone who didn't like how you parked your car, insane mobs stealing everything from stores or someone who has 'mental health issues' that were never addressed setting up his 'house' in downtown San Francisco.

Makes you want to just hunker down in your house and wait for the world to become sane again.

We are carefully watching this next story. If it turns out to be true, Joe Biden is in big trouble. If it turns out to be false, those who made this public are done.

Two top congressional Republicans - James Comer and Chuck Grassley - are demanding internal FBI documents that an unnamed whistleblower claims will show then-Vice President Joe Biden was involved in a criminal scheme with a foreign national.

Comer and Grassley alleged that a whistleblower claimed the Justice Department and FBI have an unclassified document “that describes an alleged criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Biden and a foreign national relating to the exchange of money for policy decisions.

It has been alleged that the document includes a precise description of how the alleged criminal scheme was employed as well as its purpose. This story is still in its infancy stage but it won't take long to find out if it's true or not.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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