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Blanche, did you ever hear of the Mckinsey Global Institute? We will enlighten you. They are a global consulting firm, founded in 1926. Clearly they have a good reputation as they are still around.

Over the years they learned how to charge handsomely, to say the least, for their services. So handsomely that your tax dollars - to the tune of over $100 million - were paid to Mckinsey by Justin and his cohorts to analyze how they were doing, what they should do and how they should do it,

What did they offer Justin? Functional tools - whatever that means, databases, and of course their 'expert' advice.

It appears that many people think - and rightly so - that $100 million for advice is not only over the top, but obscene. What about all the 'advisors' in the government? We needed advisors for the advisors?

So now the government is going to spend more of your money on a committee to find out why government advisors needed advisors. How easy is it is to spend OPM - other people's money, eh?

We read an interesting article about American politics. Get this one: Up until a month ago these democrats - Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Pat Leahy, Jim Clyburn, Anthony Fauci and Dianne Feinstein were running the country. Their combined age is 500. Yikes.

Biden, who it seems is announcing his candidacy shortly for the 2024 presidential election will be 82 if he wins and 86 when he leaves. Unfortunately, quite a few of his marbles have been seen rolling around the country.

So what can be worse than Biden? The other democrats who may try to run:

Kamala Harris now vice president, has managed to put her foot in her mouth every time it opens. The nation’s worst transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg who can't seem to find an airport and Biden’s fellow octogenarian Bernie Sanders. Then there's twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who herself is now 75 years old, slimey California governor Gavin Newsom, and gas stoves’ public enemy number one Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The best shot for the dems from all of these people is Buttigieg who, aside from being gay with 2 children - a big plus with the woke crowd, is a massive loser.

All to say, and hold your breath on this one... Trump has a very good chance of winning again in 2024. And don't shoot the messenger. We just report what's out there.

Finally people are beginning to realize that the over-the-top, completely insane draconian measures taken by some leaders during the covid pandemic were not only unnecessary, but useless.

We speak of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who announced Wednesday that she is resigning from her position as Prime Minister because she does not have the stamina to seek re-election. Really? Tell it to the marines. People despise her and that's why she's leaving.

Arden was one of the zero-coviders but was forced to abandon that zero-tolerance strategy as more contagious variants spread and vaccines became widely available. Her edicts were based not on scientific facts, rather on the blinders she had to keep people 'safe'.

How rigid was she? In early 2020, she completely shut down international borders and imposed a lockdown so severe that even retrieving a lost cricket ball from a neighbor’s yard was banned.

In the end, all her dire predictions didn’t come out as they were meant to be, or as they were forecast to be in terms of elimination of covid.

As such, she is now facing a furious public who woke up from their coma and realized that her insane draconian rules were useless. A protest against vaccine mandates that began on Parliament’s grounds last year lasted for more than three weeks. This year, Ardern was forced to cancel an annual barbecue she hosts due to security fears.

She will be among many leaders who will have to run away and hide because the insane ideas imposed on their populations during the pandemic were exactly that - insane.

George Santos, is the republican from Long Island who lied about just everything on his CV except the fact that he is gay. It has come to light that he entered a drag queen contest in Brazil a few years ago. Extra special. He has not yet resigned, rather is insisting on keeping his seat.

Even if he isn't forced to resign, he will never be able to run again and whoever runs for that seat will need a bullet-proof CV. Literally. What is one of the bigger wonders of the world is how nobody ever checked even one line of his CV. The whole thing, from start to finish was one big whopper.

Blanche, can you please 'splain why if someone doesn't agree with liberal woke bs they are dismissed as useless to humanity? If you believe what you believe enjoy the ride. Why must everyone cow-tow to you?

Case in point is the NHL - the National Hockey League. Why they had to have pride night - meaning they needed to show their undying love to the lgbqutcz+ community is beyond our comprehension. They clearly didn't learn from the NFL - the National Football league who had to deal with Colin Kaepernick and his take-a-knee bs. That fiasco cost the NFL a lot of money and ticked off their fan base.

People who tune into sports games want to watch sports games. They are not interested in politics, taking a knee, loving your fellow gay or anyone else for that matter. Get on the field or the rink or the basketball floor and play the game you were paid to do.

So one dude on the Philadelphia Flyers who is a practicing Russian Orthodox Christian and does not believe in gay anything, refused to take part in the pre-game love-your-fellow-gay event. He has been raked over the coals for his decision.

One reporter demanded that this dude adopt the new American values found in the creed. What? Get a life. Another genius said he should be fined $1 million for not taking part in the lgbqutcz+ ceremony.

Liberals don't just want you to believe what they do, they want total submission to their beliefs. And that peeps, will never, ever happen.

We sincerely hope the Philadelphia Flyers suffer at their box office and people show their displeasure by staying away from their games. Feh. Feh. Feh. Feh.

Construction forced 94% of downtown Montreal streets to close according to report just issued. Duh.

Everyone can see that there is no planning and minus coordination in determining which streets will be closed. The geniuses simply close all the streets.

Everybody here is their own boss, gets their little bundle to put into their sock to close their eyes, then runs their own show.

And we, the taxpayer pay politicians to close their eyes and pretend this is not happening. Your tax dollars at work.

Czar legault is saying that he knows emergency rooms and the health system are in crisis. He's also saying he knows there is a severe nurse shortage.

So buddy, if you know there is a serious nurse shortage, how about loosening the leash on the french nurses exam and instead of failing people because they put the accent on the wrong SYLlable, give everybody a break.

He also seems to be petrified of a two-tiered system, much of which already exists. We know of someone who needed a ct scan quickly. Instead of calling the hospital to hear they had to wait three years, they went to a private clinic and had the xray done the next day.

A public-private system would alleviate the pressure from the public system. Yes it would also attract nurses to that part of the health-care system, but plenty of other nurses would be happy to work in hospitals if they didn't have forced overtime.

Unfortunately, the czar legault won't lose face no matter what. So the office de la langue francais will stay put as will those draconian exams, keeping nurses and other medical professionals out of here.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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