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Of Numbered Companies, Sketchy Mayors and Thrones

While Montreal’s mayor Coderre didn’t exactly lie, he also didn’t exactly tell the truth. We are referring to Montreal’s E-Formula race which was held on city streets at a cost of about $24 million. Why it wasn’t held where the Grand Prix is run, a place that is set up for races, is part of the reason Coderre may lose the election on Sunday. Coderre has been asked since the end of the race in July what the final cost was. He kept saying the numbers were not in yet. Seriously? That’s like saying the check’s in the mail. No one believes you.

Well, it came out today that of the 45,000 tickets for sale, about 20,000 were given away for free. That would mean that people didn’t give a hoot about said race and the price tag no doubt went up from the original overrun of $25 million.

While we said in the last blog that Valerie Plante could be losing because of her fear to say how she voted in the 1995 referendum, Coderre may have trumped her, pardon the pun. Also keep in mind that many incumbents are being tossed out as people are sick and tired of being told ‘we know what’s good for you’ while spending your hard earned money.

Today Coderre said he made a mistake in not coming forward with the numbers. No kidding. Go Vote On Sunday.

We are now losing count of how many men are being ousted for sexually harassing women.

Seriously, everyday about four or five names are made public. Yesterday, Dustin Hoffman was accused of this. Honestly, if even half of these accusations are true, these dudes have what can only be termed an acute sense of entitlement – the do-you-know-who-I-am syndrome to the nth degree.

What should their punishment be? Well, as many of them are now old men…Wait Blanche, didn’t you ever hear of dirty old men? We are also guessing that many of those old men have already paid out a tidy sum of money to shush their victims. Our suggestion: make them wear v.e.r.y, v.e.r.y tight interhoisen (underwear) so they will remember every second of the day which part of their anatomy needs therapy.

The muslim who killed 8 people in New York passed the test to be an Uber driver. Could be Uber needs to take a look at their security protocols – quickly. He had a terrible driving record which they never picked up on. Plus he had three different passports.

After confessing to what he did, this lowlife wanted to hang an isis flag in his hospital room. There are no words.

Lose the liberal feel-good vigils, candles, marches and moments of silence. Start vetting properly, lose the ‘diversity’ lottery which is how this guy came in and stop being politically correct. It’s not working.

Let’s see now, what do you think will happen to the person who ‘inadvertently’ deleted President Trump’s twitter account today for a few hours? Our guess is that he won’t be tweeting except to his budgie.

Alec Baldwin, in his role as portraying Donald Trump on Saturday night live, went to far. He issued a fake memoir today and in it, one of the pictures depicted Trump on the throne. No Blanche, not the throne, it’s the throne that sits in the loo.

While Baldwin and company may truly dislike Trump and are very, very sad that Hillary is not in the White House, they are doing a unimaginable disservice to their fellow Americans by demeaning the office of the president. They are stirring an ugly pot that can lead only to havoc and worse.

In case you didn’t hear what Justin Trudeau dressed up like on Halloween and in case you missed him on television, we will tell you. He put on a superman costume under his shirt. As he came into parliament yesterday, he opened his shirt a la superman to reveal his costume.

Can we talk? Is he ten years old? Wait, isn’t he the Prime Minister of Canada? If he could not contain himself to put on a halloween costume, the time and place to do so was with his children. Not in parliament. He is also demeaning his position. The worst part of this scenario is that he doesn’t even know it. S could stand for lotsa things. In Blanche’s world it stands for stupid.

Blanche was on a reconnaissance mission today in Ottawa. One of the things we did was attend question period in the House of Commons. What a hoot that was. Especially watching our liberal finance minister Bill Morneau squirm under a constant barrage of questions by the Conservative party about his conflict of interest.

Morneau promised to sell more than one million shares he still holds in Morneau Shepell, donating any profits made since he has been in office to charity. The proceeds from that sale will likely be in the region of $5 million.

Or this one: A $200 fine related to Morneau’s villa in France was posted Tuesday to the website of the Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner.

Our finance minister is wildly wealthy and was supposed to have put all his numbered companies into blind trusts. It appears he did not do that and today in question period, the conservatives were hammering him as to exactly how many such companies he has.

It was wonderful watching him squirm. It was just too bad that Trudeau wasn’t there to be a part of it. He can’t speak at all without a prepared speech and even then every second word is uh, um, uh, um.

You heard it here first: In a stunning revelation, the supposed friend of Hillary Clinton, Donna Brazile, the former Democratic National Committee (DNC) interim chair, has claimed that the party organisation helped Hillary Clinton’s campaign “rig” the 2016 Democratic primary against Bernie Sanders.

Brazile told Bernie when she became interim chair of the DNC that she would get to the bottom of whether Hillary Clinton’s team had rigged the nomination process, as a cache of emails stolen by Russian hackers and posted online had suggested. It seems she found her answer this past September.

Can we talk here? Something smells re Brazile. She has suddenly turned on Hillary? Is she trying to save herself? Stay tuned. Even CNN will have to report this accurately.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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