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In the make-your-blood-boil department, this piece is at the top of our list. The poster above is from the University of Berkeley in California. The man pictured is the Jewish dean, Erwin Chemerinsky.

Dean Chemerinsky and his wife, Professor Catherine Fisk were hosting a celebratory dinner at their home for graduating law students. This couple is as liberal as they come. They go out of their way not to offend anyone - Jew and non-Jew. Alas, they are Jewish and these days that is the kiss of death.

The dinner was scheduled to happen on the last day of ramadan. The event marked the first of three nights that Chemerinsky and his wife were hosting students.

Malak Afaneh, a member of law students for justice in palestine who created that poster, said at first that her organization were boycotting the dinner and shared the poster above. "No dinner with Zionist Chem while Gaza starves."

Her remarks kept getting more virulent: "We thought that this dinner was disgusting and extravagant and lavish, a display of wealth that was already being funneled using our tuition money for this genocide." She was of course, referring to gaza.

Suddenly afaneh changed her mind. She and about 10 other students decided to attend. Prepare to be incensed by the remainder of this piece.

At the beginning of the dinner, afaneh seized the microphone and began speaking in arabic. She was asked to stop by both Chemerinsky and his wife. afaneh said she knew her rights. Kind of like squatters who decide to take over someone's home because they deserve it and you, who paid for it are rich, entitled pieces of manure. But we digress.

At that point, her ten friends whipped out their kafiahs in solidarity with her.

The best was this statement: "She (Fisk) kept on grabbing inappropriately at my breasts, and kept grabbing in my shirt area, trying to tug and pull." She was referring to Fisk trying to pry her microphone away from her.

Now get this line: "I was in pain, and I was scared, and I was terrified of what she was going to do to my body." afaneh considers the action an assault and a violation of her First Amendment rights.

This woman was an invited guest in the Dean's home, went there under false pretences and then used her first right amendment to spew manure.

Here's the bottom line which we have said many times: Israel and the Jews, for now at least, have lost the narrative.

Decades ago, hamas and other terrorist groups planted people like anafeh in campuses all over North America and Europe. They patiently waited until the right time - which was October 7, to activate their people. A few days ago these people went after the dean and his wife for only one reason - they are Jewish.

And they were successful, as all the other so-called muslims who support the 'poor palestinians', because leaders in the US and Canada are afraid to open their mouths, afraid to take action, afraid to stand up for what everyone knows is the truth. Anti-Semitism is flourishing.

Our 'leaders' are afraid of their own shadow.

Are the we love gaza morons saying that this woman is allowed, as a squatter is, to take over someone else's home and she's the victim? Yes they are.

Until that mindset changes, nothing else will. The dean didn't want to call the police. We wouldn't have called either.

Rather, we would have taken a hose and watered her and her friends until they were drenched like the little house plants they are.

This is, in essence, the story of Anthony housefather. He's a house plant. He was afraid to take a chance. He chose what he perceived was the best way to keep his seat and that was to stay with Justin.

He chose to stay with a party that believes exactly what afaneh does - gazans are the starving victims, the Jews are the wicked oppressors and therefore got what they deserved on October 7.

Housefather chose the wrong side of history.

We watched a clip of Pierre Poilievre speaking to a few thousand people in Nathan Philips Square in Toronto. He gets it. He has surrounded himself with people who get it. He learned his history.

Justin doesn't know his history and he has surrounded himself with an echo chamber. He cares about two things. Himself and staying in power.

Lest you think Poilievre is pandering to the Jewish vote, you are wrong. . He would not be able to speak as he does, with passion and conviction if he didn't believe what he was saying. He is the furthest thing from Justin the drama queen as you can get.

And then there's Quebec's premier Francois Legault. We will remind you that we said he was a separatist when he ran, then when he got elected, when he used the notwithstanding clause to dump on the anglos and immigrants in Quebec and he's still at it.

The difference is that now he has nothing to lose by showing us his true colors. He's halfway out the door.

The English Montreal School Board said it would seek permission to appeal a decision upholding the law (Bill 21) to the Supreme Court of Canada. It is going after the 'secularism' law. We will jog your memory.

Nobody with a hijab or kippah can be a teacher or hold any government bureaucratic position. The EMSB said that they are losing teachers because they cannot hire anyone with a head covering.

And what did the caq say about this?

The infamous justice minister, Simon Jolin-Barrette sent a public, open message to the federal government: Mind your own business. We love Bill 21. You stay out of our lives. we will never compromise on the subject.

As much as legault and his minions say they are the nation of quebec they are not. They are one of ten provinces and two territories which are part of the country called Canada.

They take billions of dollars in transfer payments from the moudzi federal government. They would very much like to be the master of their own house. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. Unless....

Justin capitulates as he did with the notwithstanding clause. He is a spineless fool who needs the quebec votes to win. Hey Anthony - where are you now? We thought Justin put you in charge of anti-semitism and anti-anglos. We hear crickets. Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib got testy with a Fox Business reporter over a question about a rally in her home district where anti-Israel protesters chanted “Death to America” and called for the eradication of Israel. This happened in Dearborn Michigan, home to the 'other gaza'.

Tlaib was asked repeatedly by the reporter why she won't comment on people taking whatever they need from America then dumping on them by chanting death to America, death to Israel.

One of the speakers said "Gaza has shown the entire world why their protests are so anti-America. Because it’s the United States government that provides the funds for all of the atrocities that we just heard about.

Why do these people live in America when they hate it so much. Move to gaza and be with your bros. Nobody needs them here. They are the same vermin as hamas.

OJ Simpson died today. He got away with murder.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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