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Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful…

Did we not tell you a couple of weeks ago that the real issue in our election is sovereignty? That we are really voting on a referendum for the referendum? Now that Pierre Karl Peladeau (from now on referred to as pkp) has entered the fray, the gloves are finally off. His opening remarks told the tale: He wants his children to grow up in the country of Quebec.

Aside from the fact that he makes princess pauline look like a tired old grandmother who needs a complete makeover, there’s no way he’s playing second fiddle to anyone. He’s a spoiled prince who is used to getting his way, ordering people around and being THE boss. Marois can basically kiss any further political aspirations goodbye with pkp up close and personal.

In case you haven’t noticed, since PKP entered the picture we haven’t heard a word about the charter. Independence, sovereignty, borders, currency – that’s what we’re hearing. If things continue the way they are going, the CAQ will be wiped off the map. It’s either vote for independence or vote to stay in Canada – Liberal. Nothing in between which is where the CAQ stands. They should step aside and make sure that we remain Canadians.

The plane that vanished going from Malaysia to Beijing is turning out to be one of the biggest mysteries of the century. At first they were searching the waters in a 100 mile radius of where they thought the plane was the last time they heard from them. Today they are saying that the plane veered hundreds of miles off course and the search is moving far from the initial place.  Unfortunately, those accounts of course changes are causing havoc, adding to the air of confusion and disarray surrounding the investigation and search operation. Oy vey.

New York’s mayor Bill de Blasio got himself into quite the brouhaha. There’s a charter school in Harlem called the Success Academy Harlem Central Middle School. It’s a state run school, ergo free. Believe it or not that school received 13,000 applicants for 2,000 places. Why? Because it’s a great school. So great that the grade 5 class had the highest math scores in all of New York – beating out the tony private schools.

Eva Moscovitz, the ceo of the charter schools went eyeball to eyeball with di Blasio when he said that he was not only closing the Harlem school, he was evicting the students next year, giving them no alternate school. Find your own way.

Moscovitz went on Morning Joe last week and blasted the mayor for his stance. Today di Blasio himself went on Morning Joe. It was pointed out that his son goes to Brooklyn Tech which has an endowment of $13 million. He was asked what he would do if he found out his son’s school was closing next year with no one giving him an alternative. No answer of course.

Di Blasio, PKP, Marois and all those people who have gzillions of dollars (from who knows where) as well as having their hand in your pocket are completely out of touch with reality. They all need to take a long vacation on an island with no means of communication for many years. The world would definitely be a better place. Back to our little missives here in la belle province. The geniuses went after a little salad bar in Westmount because they had a vintage sign only in English that said: Sweet sisters. Strawberry jam. The two sisters who own this restaurant received a letter from the OQLF – aka the language police, telling them to get rid of their sign or add French or else…

The sisters went public – kudos to them – and are telling the bureaucrats to find someone else to harass. The signs are antiques and they are not taking them down. Next stop: NY Times, CNN, Fox News.

One more thing about PKP. He forked over $300 million to build an arena in Quebec city in the hope of getting back their hockey team, the Nordics. Whadda ya say Bettman’s gonna do when he finds out Quebec wants to be a country and it will take a generation to straighten things out? Ya think pkp is getting his team? We vote Bettman will stall and stall and stall and….

Here’s something that will knock your socks off. It’s the transcript of someone who was supposed to be on that Malaysian flight and didn’t take it. Chilling. One more snowstorm to go. We’ll remember what it looks like next year without this last blast. Oh well. Keep your shovels at bay.

We’ll talk…

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