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On Assignment in Israel

For the next week, Blanche is on assignment in Israel. We are getting stories for the next edition of the IVOW magazine which will be published in the spring. IVOW stands for Israeli Victims of Terror.

This organization brings in Israeli twelve and thirteen year old children to summer camp in the Laurentians. In order to put the magazine together, we interview different families, each with their own, unique stories. Given this scenario, Blanche will wind up in your inbox Tuesday and Thursday of this week, but the time may be different.

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzho, who has been in detention since her arrest on Saturday, December 1, still does not know if she will be let out on bail. If released, she has promised to wear and ankle monitor and post $15 million in bail.

That hearing has been going on for three days as it seems she is a flight risk. No kidding. Her father is worth about $2 billion and there is no doubt that the second she is free, she will be on a private plane – passport or no passport, ankle bracelet or not, outta Canada and off to China where there is no extradition to the US.

It is widely thought that Huawei phones have technology embedded in them to track the information of those who use said phones. Of course China denies this. This is not over by a long shot and is affecting the relationships of Canada and China as well as doing a number – pardon the pun – on the stock market.

His popeness, Francis, is proposing a change to their main prayer from lead us not into temptation to abandon us not into temptation. In other words, he’s blaming the guy upstairs for abandoning the priests who could not keep their pants on. Seriously?

How about blaming the word celibacy on that? Not on your life Blanche, because it would point directly at the leaders of the church.

In the you won’t believe it column, two nuns stole $500,000 from their school in California, using the monies on trips and casino visits. The visual is pretty funny – two women in habits with their hands in the till, ripping off the school where they were teaching.

Perhaps they should get in touch with his popeness to compare ridiculous stories as to why they could not control themselves. After all Blanche, they are nuns. What’s up with da church anyway?

Everyone knew it was coming and it came. Michael Kovrig, a former Canadian diplomat has been detained in China, no doubt as a reprisal for the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, CEO of Huawei. His current employer, the International Crisis Group, said it was seeking his prompt and safe release. Let’s hope this gets settled sooner than later.

We’ll talk…

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