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Oops. Dropping the Ball Has Consequences.

If you are eating or squeamish, don’t read this piece. Shenzhen has become the first Chinese city to ban the sale and consumption of dog and cat meat. How they are going to enforce this is anyone’s guess.

10 million dogs and 4 million cats are killed in China every year. In February, Chinese authorities banned the trade and consumption of wild animals.

We looked at pictures of Chinese meat markets. It is impossible to know what you are buying as everything is skinned and looks like any other kind of meat. We will remind you that the ‘wildlife’and wild animal meat are most likely responsible for the coronavirus.

Aside from the kinds of meat, there is also the question of sanitary conditions. Those meat markets are not refrigerated. There’s no way all the meat can be sold in one day, so where are they storing the unsold portion? Here’s a guess. They are storing it nowhere, rather just leaving it out.

If and when you ever go to China, make sure to eat kosher food. You will know that the beef is actually from a cow and the chicken is actually a chicken. This whole conversation is gross.

Lionel Perez is the leader of the opposition party in the city of Montreal. In the past few days, his daughter got engaged and last night he hired a one-man band to play in his driveway while his future son-in-law watched via zoom from New York. A virtual engagement party. While there is no doubt he did not mean for people to congregate near his house, that’s what happened – even if they stayed with the 2 meters of each other.

While there is no doubt he did not intentionally invite people to stand in front of his house, he dropped the ball. He had to think two steps ahead, he didn’t do that and that was a lack of judgement. Our question is this: Did he ask anyone before hiring the band? We’re pretty sure there must be a small group in the opposition party that sits with Perez and maps out his questions and rebuttals to the mayor of Montreal. Did he not consult with those people?

If the answer is no, that he took it upon himself to hire this one-man band, then he will have to suffer the consequences of his actions. If he did consult with people, then those people also have a lack of judgement. Dropping the ball has consequences. Not everyone will agree with this, so I invite you to share your opinion. Justin is constantly being asked about the future. How long do you think the quarantine will last? When do you thing this will be over? The United States is giving their people numbers, why can’t you?

We are certainly not fans of Justin, but those questions simply cannot be answered. When asked, Trudeau always gives the same answer: the length of the quarantine will be up to Canadians. If we observe the edicts, perhaps the time will be shorter.

Yes, there are things he is not revealing. And most likely he should not. What would you do if he said we had to be quarantined until July? You would have a meltdown.

The Jazz Festival, the Comedy Festival, the Formula 1 Race – forget those things. What you can be sure of is that no country will allow anyone but their own citizens in. Imagine if they opened the airports and borders and allowed Americans, Chinese and Brits in for a vacation? It would be an insane move.

Until there is a vaccine against this virus, we are all basically stuck. Yes, we may be able to go shopping, but that won’t happen until the number of people contracting the virus is zero – for a long time.

Anybody see Prince Charles speak about the virus? He looked like he belonged on Dowton Abbey as one of the stiff, upper-lip Englishmen. Even while speaking about how awful it was, he simply did not have one iota of emotion.

One can only shudder and think what happened to Harry, who was eleven years old when his mother was killed in a car accident. To say that he even got a hug would be a stretch. No wonder he ran away with Meghan. He finally found someone who actually shows emotion. Poor guy.

Remember those idiot college students who didn’t give a hoot about the virus and frolicked on beaches all over the place two weeks ago? One was a group from Austin Texas. The result: Of the 70 people in their 20s who went to Mexico on a chartered plane, but returned on commercial flights, 44 have tested positive for the virus. Stupid, selfish, entitled brats.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is perhaps the person with the clearest explanations of what is happening now. Of late, he has been forced to seriously beef up his security due to death threats. Why you ask?

One of the reasons is because he is among the few officials willing to correct Trump’s misstatements. Sadly, Trump’s very right wing admirers don’t take well to anyone correcting anything Trump does.

Blanche, can you hear all the Trump supporters gnashing their teeth right now? Here’s a tip: No one is perfect. Trump dropped the ball many times during this pandemic and Fauci is not afraid to correct him nor of his reactions. Trump needs to be corrected when he gives facts that are wrong. It’s not only that he’s not a doctor and shouldn’t even be speculating, it’s that his words now carry serious weight. Deadly weight.

Smear campaigns launched against Fauci are dead wrong. He should be given the utmost security and the extreme right-wing Trump supporters should be told to back off…by Trump himself.

We’ll talk…

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