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Quebec’s new Anti-Racism Minister and current Minister of the Environment is Benoit Charett who is white as snow. His credential for this position is that his wife is Haitian and his children are bi-racial. We read that two people of color were approached for the job but didn’t want to be the token black person to deal with anti-racism. 

While on paper, Mr. Charette looks almost perfect except for the color of his skin, such is not really the case because he believes, as does his boss Papa Legault, that Quebec is, and we quote here, ‘One of the most open and welcoming places in the world’.

Blanche don’t you wonder where this dude has been living for the past five years? He never heard of Bill 21 where the Quebec government passed a law forcing people to dress contrary to their own private beliefs? So hijab-wearing women cannot teach, be a judge or hold government positions? Same with kippa-wearing men. And this he calls a welcoming place? If this is welcoming, don’t you wonder what is unwelcoming?

Blanche has a few ‘deep throats’ (from Nixon’s Watergate days)  who give us insider information. One such source told us that the reason the rollout in Quebec is going to go very, v.e.r.y. slowly, is that they are afraid the computer system will not be able to handle huge numbers of people logging on. One would think that with all the money Papa Legault is spending, he could invest in top tier programmers and software. Alas, such is clearly not the case. 

So the first round of those getting vaccinated is 85-80. Second round – 79-75. Third round, 74-70. Get the drift here? This is going to take a very long time as it appears it will be two weeks between each round. So if you are 50, take a chill pill and know that your vaccination will come, with help from Above, sometime in the spring.

That of course is predicated on Canada not getting shafted again and losing our vaccines. Let’s also hope the phone system is working here, unlike the one Ottawa rolled out for hotel reservations with wait times of up to 12 hours.

As well, if you cannot get to the vaccination centers, you are in trouble. There doesn’t seem to be a way for you to get to the centers unless you have family or friends to help. Nothing was done by the government for these people or anyone with any disablity for transportation.

The government had at least six months to get this going. It wasn’t enough time to fix all the bugs?

You read it here first. This past year, Black Lives Matter Foundation raked in more than $90 million in donations last year. The average donation was $30.

Our prediction: Last year they had $8.4 million worth of expenses plus they dispensed  $22 million in grants to the organization’s local chapters and other black-run organizations around the U.S. They ended with $60 million in the bank. Blanche, who’s watching the till? It already came out a few months ago that the head honchos running blm dipped their hands in the till. Who’s going to miss a couple of million dollars? We say give it six months until this scandal breaks.

Andrew Cuomo is in ‘gehakte  tzouris’ – a lot of trouble. He’s fighting the senior home scandal where his assistant ratted him out, saying he fudged the number of deaths in said homes. Now, a former aide renewed her accusations that he sexually harassed her, giving times, dates and lurid details. It’s also not the first time this woman came forward but now people are listening to her.

It also appears that the Democratic party has cut their ties with him, as he is now a liability. We think he’s not long for that chair in his office.

The rugby team from Fiji is in Australia to participate in the Ron Massey Cup, a big rugby tournament in New South Wales. But since Australia doesn’t fool around when it comes to COVID, all players were ordered to quarantine at a hotel for two weeks before they’re allowed to head into public.

To show their appreciation to the staff the entire team got on their balconies and broke out in song.  We’re not sure which song they’re singing (if you know, feel free to let us know) but it’s an incredible sight.  Here’s the link if you want to watch. #9WWOS #Rugby #FijiLeague #NRL

One thing is certain about Tiger Wood’s accident – the Hyundai Genesis is going to sell like hotcakes. Many of those reporting the accident, especially the authorities, said that the SUV was what saved him, with no less than ten airbags. It seems a lighter car would have completely crushed him.

He already had five back surgeries which is enough to put anyone over the edge. This injury however, is much different. Surgeons reconstructed his legs with rods, pins and screws and the recovery for such a severe injury is long, painful and arduous.

To add to this, both legs are in casts which means walking to the loo is out of the question for now. We think you can figure out the rest of this very un-private scenario.

In the battle between Australia and Facebook, Australia won. Last week, Facebook banned any news items from Australia’s Facebook pages. Facebook acknowledged that it also, ‘inadvertently’ also banned non-news items. Right. By accident. Tell it to the marines.

Yesterday, Facebook pledged to invest at least $1billion in the news industry over the next three years. Australia was fighting with Facebook, asserting that it should have to pay companies, like everyone else does, for using their news items. This is a landmark settlement and right now, Facebook is negotiating with France and Germany over the same issue. The rest of the world will follow shortly.

Justin would do well to end the last ‘resort’ quarantine for people flying into the four designated airports in Canada. Everyday we are reading about more incompetent issues with this ridiculous edict. While he was pandering to both Premier Ford and Papa Legault, Justin is the one looking like a buffoon. Aside from the fact that less that 1% of positive Covid tests are coming from these people, no one is taking this seriously.

One family asked a security guard at the airport if they could use their own car to drive to their hotel. Blanche, do you think they actually went to the hotel? It’s cheaper to go home and get a fine from health Canada, which they most likely did.

We don’t want to keep harping on Erin O’Toole, but the numbers coming out of different polls regarding his popularity are less than promising for the next election. As well, he can’t seem to keep his party in line so they speak with one voice and if he can’t be the leader of his own party, well, who’s going to go to bat for him?

As it stands, many, many conservative Canadians did not vote in the last election as they were disillusioned with Andrew Scheer. O’Toole has an even bigger problem. At least they knew Scheer. Who knows O’Toole?

And if you think the Liberals don’t smell this, think again. They have a strong ‘war room’ who watch the polls and are not mired, as the Conservative party seems to be, in in-fighting. Whoever is running the conservative party has not yet received the memo: there will be an election within the next six months. Get your act together.

Good Shabbos and Happy Purim, We’ll talk…

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