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Our World…

Our world. What exactly can one say about a day in our world when innocent people are randomly murdered, others gravely injured? In Ottawa a young soldier slain in cold blood at point blank range, in Israel a three month old baby named Chaya killed by a lunatic arab, her father in grave condition.

No longer do those who perpetrate these crimes belong to any official organization, easily identified. These are lone operators who attach themselves online to a dark world that we simply cannot fathom. They live in our neighborhoods and shop in our stores.

We are extremely fond of Stephen Harper, our prime minister, but somehow, feel that we should have heard from him during the day. In such a time we need to see open leadership. Hunkering down in your office until the dust settles and you have all the information shows a lack of sensitivity to the uncertainty that people are feeling. And…they should round up those 90 people that they have identified and lock them up for whatever reasons they can think of. Instead of re-acting, it is time to act.

So what can we do? One thing we must do is continue living our lives, not cower in the face of people hell bent on destroying our free and democratic society. In the end, as history bears out, the truth will prevail. Our purpose and resolve must remain stronger than ever, allowing our decent values and morals to guide us.

We pray for those who have been injured. We pray that our leaders find the wisdom to guide us. We pray for peace in our world.

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