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Papa Legault Seems to Have Decided to Keep Restaurants Closed All On His Own…

Horacio Arruda, Provincial Director of Public Health in Quebec, blew the whistle on Papa Legault yesterday when testifying at a special legislature committee. He obviously sees the wall with the writing regarding his job or he doesn’t like it anymore. He didn’t exactly endear himself to Papa Legault, his boss. Here’s part of the transcript:

Q: “Can you give us an example of a recommendation you made that was not followed at all?”

A: “On the issue of certain workplace environments, especially museums or restaurants, we recommended that they could potentially remain open,” Arruda replied.

Q: “So the Legault government decided to close the restaurants on its own?” Which of course means it was a decision based on politics, not on science. This of course after Legault has said repeatedly that all decisions were made according to what they had been told by public health. Isn’t that called lying? Don’t you wonder exactly who Papa Legault is trying to please?

Restaurants and bars are dying a slow death, there’s no sports games or concerts, museums and theatres are closed, people are nervous to go shopping and are ordering online, leaving stores empty. And what is Montreal’s Mayor Valerie Plante doing? Creating a climate change policy.

Yes, you read that correctly. Part of her plan includes banning all non-electric cars from the downtown shopping core. In case she didn’t do enough to completely kill business downtown, she is now putting the final nail in the coffin.

The ‘best’ part of her plan, which will totally stop anyone thinking of shopping anywhere but from their computer is ‘converting’ outdoor parking spaces, particularly around métro stations, to make way for ‘greening’ projects and urban development.

The ban on parking spaces around métro stations would encompass municipal parking spaces and private and institutional parking, such as businesses and schools.

Clearly this woman lives in her own little pretend green world, totally unaware of what is going on around her.

And of course, when delivering her new ‘green’ message, including planting 500,000 trees, she does so with that idiot grin of hers. Blanche, people in Montreal best start looking for a candidate for mayor now as the damage this woman is doing to the city is close to being irreparable.

This next piece may make you lose your cookies. Be prepared.

Remember Edward Kennedy of Chappaquidik fame? Well, he has an institute called the  Edward M. Kennedy Institute that gives out an award for “Inspired leadership”. Considering the institute’s namesake left a woman to die in a sinking car and shirked responsibility for her death, this is nothing short of other-worldly.

We will jog your brain: Kennedy drove his car over a bridge on Chappaquidik island, crashing into the water below. He escaped the car and coldly returned to the party from which he had taken Mary Jo Kopechne, leaving the young woman to die in the vehicle as it sank.

Well, the Edward M. Kennedy Institute has bestowed their ‘Inspired Leadership’ award on none other than Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York and the person responsible for the deaths of thousands of seniors. They had tested positive for Covid and Cuomo sent them back to their nursing homes, causing them to infect and cause the deaths of what is thought to be over 10,000 seniors.

The number he is giving is around 6,000 but most people believe he is fudging the numbers.

All of the people above belong to the Democrat party, so as far back as you can go, they were rotten to the core. Feh.

It appears that not only is Hunter Biden under investigation, but so is Joe’s brother James. Uh oh.

Before we launch into this piece, it should be noted that no social media outlet would touch any of these stories while Joe was running for President. Blanche, ya think they would have done the same for Trump? Not on your life.

Let’s start with Hunter who said he had been contacted about a tax investigation out of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware, focused on his extensive – and lucrative – Chinese business dealings. He has been accused of profiting from his father’s political career.

As for James Biden, he was involved in a hospital business in Pennsylvania called Americore, running rural hospitals and was raided by agents in January after entering bankruptcy. Seems the company wasn’t doing well and James promised to arrange an injection of capital into it from the Middle East, which did not materialize.

James Biden is also part of his nephew Hunter’s Chinese business dealings, with claims that he and his wife Sara got credit cards from another deal which they used to pay for up to $100,000 at hotels and restaurants and shops including the Apple store.

And emails found on Hunter’s laptop showed that he planned to have James cut in on a deal he was trying to set up with California businessman in China.

If all of this seems sleazy, it is. If the fact that it was summarily covered up to protect Biden during the election you would be correct.

A couple of days ago, people in England were told that if they have a history of or suffer from “significant” allergic reactions, they should not take the covid-19 vaccine. So what is a “significant” allergic reaction? If you fit into the category of someone with a previous history or anaphylactoid reaction, or if you have been advised to carry an adrenaline auto injector, you fit the bill. Wait a while before giving your arm.

Happy Chanukah, Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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