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Perhaps the NRA Has it Right

What’s wrong with this picture: When researching the news regarding the mass shooting in Toronto on Danforth, the headline in the National Post online is how mentally ill the killer was. No mention of the victims in the headline. Does this mean after two days after he shot people in cold blood,  he has become the victim to be pitied?

Here’s a headline to digest: Of those ‘injured’, some have suffered what are termed life-altering injuries. In plain English some may never walk again. Others many have permanent brain injuries. A young child died while eating dinner with her parents. A teen was murdered. And the focus is on the person who, because he was not well mentally, destroyed families?

It’s enough with the flowers and candles. We are beginning to think that the NRA has it right. If someone in one of those restaurants had a gun, perhaps he or she would have been able to stop this sicko. It’s obvious that no law is going to be able to stop mentally ill people from obtaining weapons. They will get the stuff on the dark web or from people who will sell to anyone and could care less what happens afterwards. Background check? In your dreams.

Toronto best get a handle on their city very quickly. There have been close to 200 gang related shootings, the car ramming a few months ago and now this mass shooting. When Martha and George from Minnesota are looking for a place to go on vacation, they may pass on Toronto this year. It’s a bit too dangerous there.

In the whose-business-is-it department, Ivanka Trump has shut down her fashion line. The liberal left is cheering thinking that she’s closing because the profits are not there. Doesn’t seem to be the case Blanche.

Last year she made about $6 million from said fashion line. Seems she’s closing down because she now lives in Washington and that’s her focus. End of story.

Somebody needs to put a permanent muzzle on Bill Cosby. We won’t even give the details. He’s a 100% loser,  should crawl under a rock like the snake he is and never be heard from again.

The genius engineers who work in the city of Montreal don’t get their moniker for nothing. In the mayor’s never-ending quest to save the world, she must have known about the median being constructed on a rather small street, separating cyclists from those dreaded cars.

Looks like the median is about a foot too wide because if cars park on both sides and oh, let’s say a snowplow has to get down the street, let’s just say the snow is staying on the street. So guess what’s happening?

If you guessed they are ripping it apart and redoing it, at your expense, you would be correct. Your tax dollars at work.

A few weeks ago it was very hot in Montreal. Well, what we thought was hot was just warm. In Phoenix Arizona the temperature is soaring to 120 degrees. Blanche, if you insist on celsius, that would be 48. Now that’s hot.

How hot you ask? So hot that firefighters and city officials Monday morning distributed hand fans and blue-colored cooling neckerchiefs to downtown Phoenix commuters, advising them to stay inside as much as possible. Blanche, ya think any exercise nutballs are jogging in that weather? Don’t think it’s a ridiculous question. We saw people jogging here, at noon, when the temperature was about 95 which would be 35 celsius. No accounting for brains.

It appears that airline CEO’s are trying to justify making the seats so small that a chipmunk needs to go on a diet to fit. They are flying economy class to prove that they are ‘macho’ men and can withstand having their knees hit their chin for two or three hours.

Give us a break. The only reason they made those seats so small is the absolute most disgusting money-grab in history. You want room for your knees? $50. You want room for your knees and your feet? $75. You want to bring your small bag onboard? $25. You want air on the plane? $10. Just kidding but that’s what coming.

We would guess that said CEO’s never had to use the loo on their trips. Or, perish the thought, change a baby’s diaper in one of those mini-closets known as loos where mothers have to become pretzels to get the job done.  We are less than impressed.

We’ll talk…

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