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It was Golda Meir who said when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us, peace will come.  We are saying when Americans love their children more than they love their guns, change will come.

Until then peeps, start praying that the next mass shooting is not anywhere near you or your children because like it or not, it’s coming.

We are guessing that even Miss Piggy knew that after two years of not traveling, Canadians – as most of the rest of the world –  would be booking vacations. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Unless you are the Karina Gould, minister responsible for Service Canada where passports are issued. Somehow,  she could not figure out two things: a) Canadians would be traveling and b) – get this one – they would need their passports to do so. Quel surprise.

Never mind rocket scientists – just use your head for a second. Clearly Ms. Gould and Justin were unable to do so. They are now crying that the demand has outpaced the forecast. Wait it gets better.

Ms. Gould is blaming the department of immigration saying it was that office who dropped the ball and couldn’t figure out that people would be wanting to travel which would create a huge surge in passport applications. Either way, Justin’s government again looks like the inept clowns they are. They are now scrambling to hire new people but the damage has been done.

It appears that selling your shirt to fill your car up with gas is still superior to flying. This past Memorial Day weekend in the US, almost 7000 flights were cancelled. Many people were rebooked and re-routed. One passenger tweeted the following: @Delta  why did you rebook my family with a baby and a five year old on connecting flights and all sitting separately? My 1 year old can’t sit by himself.

If you are planning to fly, note this: Delta announced that from July 1 to Aug. 7, it would reduce service by about 100 daily departures, primarily in parts of the U.S. and Latin America that Delta frequently serves. Whatever happened to the friendly skies?

Then there’s Justin’s government who’s main mission is somehow to still keep us ‘safe’ from covid. Never mind that quebec had zero covid deaths yesterday and the rest of the world has moved on. Except of course if you live in China or other such countries, which we are coming to close to emulating.

Here is part of the email we sent to our liberal MP Anthony Housefather:

Yesterday was a pathetic day for Canada that the liberals – including you – who voted to keep the mask mandate and all other covid related travel mandates in place when a good percentage of the world has lifted them. After the majority of Canadians have listened to every edict, gotten vaccinated, quarantined, kept useless curfews (as we are now finding out), the Canadian government is still keeping travel restrictions in place? What else do you want from us?

We copied many people on that email and opened the door to a lot of pent-up frustration with Justin and his band of geniuses. One businessman responded to Anthony with this:

…I can also add that the current rules and restrictions are bogging down airports and are going to severely handicap airlines and destroy the Canadian travel industry and summer tourist business (after 2 disastrous years). It will be interesting to watch the chaos to come with the Formula 1 in 2 weeks.

And then, this businessman pushed Anthony’s buttons:

What pains me beyond words and comprehension is the fact the Federal Liberals have abandoned Quebec and Anglophone Quebecers leaving bill 21 and now bill 96 to sow the seeds that will destroy Quebec and weaken Canada.

On a ‘positive’ note I predict houses in my area will become much more affordable very soon.

We will give you Anthony’s response in this separate section, beginning with the end: I am responding once and once only as these allegations are not going to go unrefuted.

Anthony went on to defend Justin’s attitude to Bill 96, citing all the interviews given against the law. We then asked him where they were when this bill first came out? Where was Justin when emperor legault invoked the notwithstanding clause in Bill 96? We’ll tell you what we told Anthony: Justin was cowering in a corner and still is.

Today it came out that that Canada’s backlog of Nexus applications has ballooned into the hundreds of thousands, despite a sharp downturn in applicants during the pandemic.  The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) says more than 295,000 Nexus applications have yet to be processed due to ongoing office closures prompted by COVID-19.

Covid 19 can no longer be used as an excuse for less than poor management of government departments. You can be very sure that all of said bureaucrats are getting paid their full salaries and then some for incompetent work ethics.

How about this? Your salary is commensurate with your performance. You would see how fast things would change. Alas, we are stuck with people secure in jobs until they retire and then collecting fat pensions, paid by you. Your tax dollars at work.

Emperor legault put out a full page ad in the English Montreal Gazette refuting the most contentious parts of Bill 96, paid by your tax dollars and not the CAQ party. What is particularly galling is the last sentence: Quebec is the only predominately French-speaking nation in North America.

No matter how many times he says it or pretends or dreams it, quebec is not a nation. Quebec is part of Canada, one of the 10 provinces and 3 territories.

Imagine for a moment if Justin actually had kahoonas? He would say you’re a nation? Then no transfer payments for you. Nations don’t need transfer payments. We will repeat: Quebec is not a nation.

Read this and weep: After Bill Clinton banned assault weapons on September 13 1994, mass shooting deaths dropped by 43%. After the republican congress let it expire in 2004 under George Bush, they exploded by 239%. We don’t need to arm teachers. We need to ban assault weapons again.

We will repeat it again: Nobody needs to own AR-automatic assault rifles. Nobody. Not hunters, not farmers, not people shooting feral pigs and not people living in cities. It doesn’t matter if you are a republican or democrat. Get your act together.

One more thing about that businessman who responded to Anthony…He was going to buy a new building to expand his business. He has paused that idea as he is no longer ready to commit more of his business to Quebec long term.

And as another businessman with a large company told us, Cornwall Ontario is looking very good for expansion.

Slowly, with little fanfare, the money will walk out of Quebec. We will be left with a tax base of bureaucrats, people working for the office de la langue francais and the rest on welfare. Welcome to la belle province of Cuba – our version of a banana republic.

We’ll talk…

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