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Remember the Banging of the Pots and Pans When Charest was Premier? Could Be He’s Coming Back

As anyone who reads Blanche knows, we are very fond of saying be careful what you wish for. Impeaching Donald Trump is one such time.

He was impeached on two articles. The first vote, 230-197, accused him of abuse of power and was almost entirely on party lines; it was followed quickly by a second, 229-198, vote accusing the president of obstructing Congress.

Hours before the vote, Nancy Pelosi uttered these words: “Trump is an ongoing threat to our national security and the integrity of our elections.”

Can we talk here? The integrity of our elections? Shall we remind our readers that during the last Democratic leadership race, Hillary Clinton and her ‘team’ made very sure that Bernie Sanders did not get anywhere close to the nomination. Somehow his delegates disappeared.

Or that while Secretary of State she had her server in her house and no one ever found thousands of missing emails?

Or that ‘insiders’ in Washington, from the instant Trump was sworn in as President began the process of getting him out of office?

There is no doubt that Trump naysayers are going to be singing and dancing about this impeachment. So here ya go: Be careful what you wish for. This is going to come back to bite you. You read that here on December 19, 2019.

Lest you think we are kidding, think again. Trump is a street-fighter. His response to the impeachment?

“In reality, they’re not after me, they’re after you. I’m just in the way.”

Yes all you deplorables, you are in the way of Nancy and Jerry and Adam. This will not end well for this trio.

In other, more mundane news, Jean Charest, ex-Premier of Quebec has risen from wherever he was (just at the right time of year, eh Blanche?) and may be announcing that he is running for the leadership of the Conservative party. He’s weighing his options. Hope he has a good scale. 

In case it slipped your mind, Charest lost his last election due to the student protests in the summer of 2012. Blanche, remember the pots and pans? The students were protesting planned tuition increases in the streets and half the city of Montreal was out every night banging on pots and pans.

In the September 2012 election, his government lost the general election and the Parti Québécois became the new government. He lost his own seat and immediately announced that he would resign as Quebec Liberal Leader. We have not heard from him since then.

Oh yes, one more thing. For years now, Quebec’s anti-corruption squad, known as UPAC, has been investigating the Quebec Liberal Party’s financing during the Charest period. Of course he claims he’s innocent of anything and never took a red cent. Time will tell if this will come back to haunt him if he runs for the leadership position.

Last week we watched as many people attended the Chanukah menorah lighting with Justin Trudeau. Many prominent Jewish leaders were present. Seriously? Does not one of those people understand exactly who Justin is?

In case they forgot here’s a reminder:  In November of this year, Canada voted in support of a UN resolution co-sponsored by North Korea, Zimbabwe and others. It condemned Israel as the “occupying power in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, including East Jerusalem” and said Israel’s actions impede the right of the “Palestinian people to self-determination.”

Yesterday, Canada voted for an anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations.

You know why this is happening? Because our selfie-loving Prime Minister wants Canada to have a seat on the security council of the United Nations, which vilifies, almost on a daily basis, the only democracy in the Middle East.

It won’t condemn Iran for its nuclear reactors but will condemn Israel as an ‘apartheid state’.

If we had gone to that Chanukah candle lighting ceremony, at the very least, we would never have had our picture taken with Trudeau. He’s a slime ball.

Here’s a one-line story that needs no introduction or ending. Surveillance footage from the outside of Jeffery Epstein’s cell, captured when his first suicide attempt failed, has gone missing. What a surprise.

Here’s another beauty: Vince Guzzo is thinking of running for the leadership of the Conservative party. Imagine Prime Minister Guzzo? Maybe he would give everyone a free movie pass if he won. Just saying.

Rona Ambrose is also considering running but her French is nil. She would have to go back to school to learn French or get the mother-of-all-tutors.

Blanche, you are just full of surprises today. Here’s another no-brainer: A deadly, multi-state outbreak of Listeria infections in the U.S. has been linked to packaged hard-boiled eggs. Retailers and consumers are warned not to serve, sell, use or consume the products.

We always wondered who exactly bought those eggs, especially the pickled ones sitting on a counter in a general store in small town America, right beside the worms, for, oh, say a few months. Now you know. Don’t buy them.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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