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Round One Goes to Hillary…Trump Needs to Do Some Homework

For those naysayers who think that Trump imploded last night we would suggest you don’t make too many bets just yet. If you recall, people have been writing him off for over a year and look where he is.

While he didn’t win the debate, neither did she completely. He held his own, albeit with a bit of blithering and sniffling. We wanted to give him some Flonase or a tissue but it wouldn’t go through the TV.  Hillary was Hillary. She’s an A-1  student and did her homework, coming uber-prepared and looking rested and commander-like in that bright red pantsuit. But that smile of hers? She looked magnificently bitchy, with that toothy, wide fake smile aka the ice queen.

The moderator Lester Holt was openly in Hillary’s court. He fed her questions on her talking points, made sure to steer clear of anything that would make her look bad like the Clinton foundation, Benghazi or the email scandal and went after Trump like a pit bull. Stupidly, Trump waited for Holt to bring those things up. Dude, that’s why you have to practice –  so you know when to slip zingers.

Hillary may have scored some points and Trump may have been slightly incoherent sometimes, but because he didn’t completely blow it, he will survive and carry on.

The taxi drivers in Montreal are frothing at the mouth. In the past two weeks they have lost two injunctions trying to stop Quebec’s year-long pilot project with Uber. Now they are threatening ‘action’. If action to the taxi drivers means blocking traffic that is already testing the public’s patience to the max, they will incur the wrath of everyone. Someone best get hold of the taxi drivers and bring them into the real world, which in many, many cities includes Uber.

There’s something else coming from Uber which is already in Europe and elsewhere. It’s called Ubereats. Check it out. You simply download the app, find the restaurant of your choice, pick your meal and within 35 minutes it’s at your door. Blanche actually checked this site out and it’s clean and quick. What are the taxi drivers going to do with this one? Boycott restaurants?

Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey is heading for some serious trouble. We are speaking of bridgegate – those three days in September 2013 when two of the three lanes of the George Washington Bridge were shut down as a punishment to Mark Sokolich, the mayor of Fort Lee for not supporting Christie’s run for governor.

All along Christie has maintained that he knew nothing about the closure. David Waldstein, the culprit who thought of this genius scheme claims to have told Christie while it was still happening. Christie’s response was laughter.

If this turns out to be a fact, Christie’s career is toast and he can kiss Trump goodbye. Wait a minute Blanche. If Trump gets elected President, guess what he’s going to do? Pardon Christie. Now we understand why he’s such a Trump supporter.

Montreal adopted a bylaw today which includes a ban on new pit bull-type dogs and restrictions on those currently in the city. Blanche did some homework on pit bulls. Here’s what we came up with:

Due to selective breeding for the purposes of dogfighting, pit bulls are highly dog-aggressive. This aggression is not limited to dogs; pit bulls frequently kill other companion pets and domesticated animals. Leading pit bull education websites warn pit bull owners to, “Never trust your pit bull not to fight.”

The dog-lovers fighting this bylaw can jump up and down and do somersaults. Pit bulls can be very nice and sweet until they decide not to be nice and sweet. And then make minced meat out of people. Nothing wrong with muzzling those dogs.

Blanche, did you know that William and Kate are in Canada, with their children in tow? Their tour has not been widely publicized around this area as they are in Vancouver, Victoria and the Yukon. As we have not seen any selfies with Justin and Sophie, it must be that they are in Ottawa.

While the Parti Quebecois has been relegated to the background for now, Jean Francois Lisee, running for head of the party is still opening his mouth to change feet. He said, “We should focus on attracting rapidly employable, educated francophone immigrants from top job fairs in Paris, Brussels and Barcelona because they can integrate quickly into Quebec society.” In case you can’t read between the lines, he doesn’t want any muslims.

Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil had a hissy fit. She should take a pill. Lisee ain’t the leader yet and although they always seems to rear their ugly head every few years, right now things are quiet on the separation front.

We’ll talk…

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