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Russia Has Developed a Coronavirus Vaccine. Now We Can All Rest Easy.

The guessing game is over. Kamala Harris will be Joe Biden’s running mate. No doubt in her favour during the running was the fact that she worked with Joe’s late son Beau. Had she worked with Joe’s other son, Hunter, well, let’s just say the sun would not be shining on her now. 

This pick is extremely important as if Biden wins there is a good chance that he will either – not be be too graphic – get very sick, lose his mind or out right expire during his term in office, elevating her to the presidency.

Harris is 55 years old and married Douglas Emhoff in 2013. He’s a Jew and a lawyer with two children. She has no children of her own.

While debating Biden, she evicerated him with a story of how, as an under-privileged little black girl in California, she was bused to a segregated school. The story is a little sketchy. While she was born in Oakland she traveled the world with her parents and wound up in Montreal after her mother got a job teaching at McGill University’s medical department and as a cancer researcher at Jewish General Hospital. Underprivileged is not quite the word we would use for her.

One thing about her – she’s a street-fighter and will mow down anyone in her and Biden’s way to the White House. She’s very smart and the debate between her and Vice President Pence could be mighty feisty – if Pence survives. In case you forgot, Tim Kaine was Hillary’s running mate and he was awful.

Rest easy Blanche…Russia has developed a vaccine against the COVID-19. Not. Whatever concoction was put together to get this ‘vaccine’,  Putin used his own daughter as a guinea pig. As if she had a choice. We think it goes without saying that anyone who has even a tinge of a tinge of a thought to try to get that vaccine needs to have their head examined. Give it six months and see what happens to the people who took it. Wait. We will never know what happened to people who took it. It’s mother Russia.

As if Bill Morneau, Canada’s finance minister needs his job. He’s a multi-millionaire, married to a McCain of the french fry fame and he has so much money that he forgot to register his chateau in the South of France when he became Finance Minister.

Social and print media is floating the idea that Trudeau is distancing himself from Morneau and that he threw him under the bus when testifying at the ethics commission. What’s the difference? The damage was done by Trudeau and his trusted side-kick Katie Telford and Morneau will simply sail off into the sunset when he leaves his current post.

As for Mark Carney he’s not without his own little set of entitled scandals. While Governor of the Bank of England, it turns out he spent a staggering $87,000 in a three-month period for travel expenses. Got that dearies? Three months. We’re pretty sure there are other quiet skeletons in Carney’s closet but that’s not the issue.

The issue appears  to be that if Carney were made finance minister, we would simply be exchanging one person with a sense of entitlement for another. Yes, Carney may be able to help Justin out of the economic quagmire he now finds himself in, but if means dealing with other scandals, people are done with that.

Our liberal save-the-whales-and-trees Prime Minister has taken yet more of your money and dropped it into the endless black hole called Lebanon.

The Office of the Prime Minister announced that Canada is providing an additional $25 million, for a total of $30 million, in assistance for the people of Lebanon following the explosion. Here’s the question: Where did he send the money? Certainly not to the government of Lebanon who all resigned yesterday.

To Hezbollah to runs the country? To the Red Cross who is corrupt? To a United Nations organization also corrupt? To an unknown NGO?

Seems the money went to the Lebanon Red Cross. A quick internet check revealed a few organisations that, although small, seem to be able to get the money to the people who need it. Let’s hope our Prime Minister and his minions did their due diligence this time  and didn’t drop our money down another endless money pit.

Seattle Washington has voted 7-1 to defund their police department. As a result, the police chief quit. Here’s a headline: Cutting the budgets of police departments and using protests to eliminate many police departments is not going to solve the George Floyd problem.

It will make sure that cities like Chicago with four people killed and at least 36 others wounded over this past weekend keeps the bad dudes in power. It will be the inner, poor parts of the cities that will suffer by defunding. Not the suburbs where people can afford to protect themselves and hire armed guards to patrol their neighbourhoods.

We will briefly weigh in on Quebec’s back-to-school edicts. Here’s the deal. Nobody knows what to do. The government decided to keep classrooms at full capacity. People are not happy. Had they divided the classes, half the kids would have to do zoom learning at home half the week and more people would be unhappy as working would be a problem.

There is no answer to this. In Israel they opened the schools and it didn’t go well. Time will tell.

Remember the office de la langue Francais? The one that sends genius bureaucrats with pea-brains to measure – with a ruler no less –  if the English word is smaller than the French word on, oh say a menu?

Well Blanche, it seems that in the real world, as opposed to the world of bureaucrats who seemingly never converse with anyone but each other in the langue francaise, 40% of Quebecers want new hires to speak English. What? Quel horreur!

And here is the great divide: 50 per cent of Montreal and its suburbs sought English only (no!) or French and English during their hirings in 2018. Outside of Montreal, that number was 19 per cent, for a total of 23.5 per cent province-wide.

So if you live in Pointe aux Pic, you will be fine with just French. But if you live in a place where you need to converse with the rest of the world, you need English.

We’ll talk…

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