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Sanctuary Cities? Suck it Up.

The PROtests continue in New York, Chicago, LA, Boston etc. Blanche, can you believe that the mayors of these cities are encouraging the protests to continue? Those geniuses are saying that they are ‘cities of refuge’ or sanctuary cities which means if you are illegal and have committed a crime – come on down – we’ll protect you from mean old Trump.

Now imagine that you are a store owner on, oh, let’s say 5th Avenue. Like Gucci, Versace and other interesting places. Alas, your customers cannot get to you because not only are people protesting a democratic election, but the mayors of those cities are supporting this behaviour.

Those who supported Hillary Clinton are beside themselves that she lost. Poor pathetic creatures. They were duped by both mainstream media and of course Hillary herself. She blames James Comey, FBI head for her loss. Can we talk?

Hillary darling, you are the one who decided to put a server which contained highly classified information in your broom closet instead of where it belonged, with the rest of the government servers. For much less, people have gone to jail. It’s not Comey’s fault that this investigation kept going on and on during the campaign. May we suggest a mirror?

We would be remiss if we did not report on the extent to which the losers are going to ease the pain of their loss and the glass ceiling that fell on them, especially in universities. Let’s see, grief counsellors, play doh and colouring books in special rooms, classes cancelled deferring to sad feelings. Can we stop now?

What are these people going to do if they lose their job? Or, perish the thought, fail an exam?

The fact that the media is playing into this insanity completely and totally discredits them, like CNN – the Clinton News Network wasn’t discredited before this. President elect Donald J. Trump won the election. Do they think he’s going to say, “Oh Hillary, here, you take over because your followers are spineless, wimps and can’t take the fact that you lost the election.” No, he will not do that. On January 20th 2017 he will become the 45th president of the United States. Suck it up and grow up.

Blanche, ya gotta let go of this. Ok, but after one more line. Conrad Black, one of the public supporters of Trump wrote the mother-of-all columns this weekend. The best line: …It was magnificent watching the Clinton News Network (CNN) robots on autocue, scurrying around like asphyxiated roaches as it became clear that Trump would do the impossible and win…” No, we’re not gloating. We’re enjoying the moment after a long, long campaign.

Where were you on November 15, 1976? Most likely depressed because that’s the day Rene Leveque’s Parti Quebecois first took power in this province.

That date began the biggest exodus of Anglos, head offices and money out of Quebec and frankly, we have never recovered. Not that the PQ is in power today, but they hang around like a bad smell, reminding people that they are here. They are able to cause just enough instability to keep the big companies and serious money from moving back or moving here at all. Quel dommage.

Blanche, in case you were looking for the mother-of-all hypocrisies, here it is: Approximately 225 Canadians will jet to Morocco to denounce the use of fossil fuels. Got that?

In fact, Canada’s contingency is so big that it takes up 8 pages to list. So here’s a suggestion. How about a conference call? Or video call like Edward Snowden did in front of about 500 people. This is what is called bloated bureaucracy.

Leonard Cohen passed away last week. Frankly, aside from a living legend or icon, we cannot find the words to describe him. We have been listening to his songs for days. Haunting, spiritual, deep, honest, moving – are some of the words to describe them.

We wonder if Mayor Coderre will act quickly to name something after him. This time he can’t drag out an embarrassing gazebo for three years as he did with the Mordechai Richler debacle. This time the world is watching him. Blanche, did you know that Richler and Cohen are buried near each other? Ach…

While we don’t really want to write anything about Michael Applebaum, right now he looks awful. His trial started and his executive assistant has recounted, in graphic detail, how money exchanged hands to make the political system work more quickly.

After being collected from different construction companies to make sure they won the contract, it was left for a few days in a car. Then it was counted by the EA and Applebaum’s portion was left in his glove compartment.

How Applebaum is going to extricate himself from this is going to be very interesting. Imagine that Blanche went to city hall for his swearing in ceremony?

we’ll talk…

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