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Sanders is the Kind of Crazy We Were Not Warned About Because No One Knew That Level Existed

Seems Sanders didn’t get the memo yet that Hillary is going to win the presidential nomination.

At 74 years old, he’s in fine form and obviously in great shape. Where does he come from again? Oh, right. Vermont. Hiking, running up hills, chasing squirrels, hugging trees. He runs from city to city like we run to the bathroom. He could be the ever-ready bunny’s zaidy. Oh wait. He doesn’t like to say he’s Jewish.

Right now, even though he keeps winning primaries, Hillary has 2,240 delegates while he is lagging behind at 1,473. The big prize however will come from the super-delegates at the convention and she’s cleaning up on that one, 524 to 40.

So what’s the point of staying in the race? In his socialist dream world, he thinks the super-delegates will switch over to him at the convention. Here’s a headline for Bernie: Make sure your cottage in Vermont is still in working order cause you’re going back there very soon. Engineers in the city of Montreal who are responsible for supervision and quality control work on work-sites managed by the city are on strike. Anyone take a guess what these dudes really do?

They are responsible for supervision and quality control for all city construction work, including paving and replacement of sewer pipes. Can we talk? Could they not be the most inept bunch hired by the city? And they are on strike? Are they not the ones who have little envelopes tucked neatly into their socks?

Of course they picked the construction festival to walk off the job. In the middle of winter no one would have noticed. Instead they have put many sites on hold, leaving merchants to pay taxes and endure what will most likely be extra months of work in front of their establishments.

If we are not mistaken, it is these people who were responsible for more than one overhead bridge collapsing. Instead of striking, may we suggest going back to university to learn the tools of their trade? Or, stop taking bribes and watering down asphalt and cement. Dizguzting.

Going back to Sanders for a minute, it appears he is unable or unwilling to control his adoring fans. At a convention in Nevada, his minions were cursing, shouting obscene gestures and gross insults including crude comments about, shall we say female parts. One wonders who exactly are his followers.

Now here’s something scary to think about…Hill and Bill. Ya got that? Hillary running for president and Bill for the vice.

In 1967, the federal anti-nepotism law was enacted partly as a reaction to John F. Kennedy’s appointment of his brother Robert as attorney general. It prohibits any official in the three branches of government, including the president, from appointing a relative to a job over which that official has authority or control. This means Mr. Clinton could not be a cabinet secretary or an ambassador, or White House chief of staff. But Blanche, he could be the vice-president. Spare us.

Here’s a vacation that in a million years Blanche would not go on – a cruise ship holding 7,000 passengers and 2300 crew. The luxury liner has 20 dining options, 23 swimming pools and seven “neighborhoods” — complete with a tree-lined Central Park. Neighborhoods? One shudders to think what would happen on that boat if someone came down with a communicable disease.

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