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Dominque Anglade is the leader of the provincial Liberal party. While she is clearly educated and intelligent, she is not a leader. Like it or not.

Not realizing that throwing the Quebec anglo community under the bus with her confreres David Birnbaum and Helene David was going to make her look weak  shows how out of touch she is with reality. For that, she will suffer the consequences at the polls. None of this is news.

Yesterday however, Ms. Anglade said something that was simply beyond the pale, trying to make excuses for her inability to lead her party. Here’s a headline for her: when it stinks, it stinks from the head down.

She said that women politicians are treated very differently than men. Emperor legault is, and she is correct, a condescending bully, especially to women. And so?

Does she think that Golda Meir wasn’t denigrated because she was a woman? Does she think Margaret Thatcher wasn’t denigrated? Or Angela Merkel? These women were legends and leaders. Did men try to bully them? Of course. Did they blame their own inadequacies on those men? No.

They stood up like the leaders they were and fought back. Ms. Anglade should read the biographies of these women. She will definitely learn and thing or two when she has to deal with men who bully her in her next job.

Thelma, did you ever hear the phrase – this isn’t going to end well? We’ve not seen this phrase apply as well as it does regarding the war in the Ukraine. It is not going to end well. Constantly taunting Putin is putting him into a rage. And ruthless dictators who are in a rage because they think they might lose is never good. Especially if you are living in the Ukraine.

Perhaps people forget that Putin has an endless source of money, soldiers and weapons. Endless. Sanctions? Not working.  It’s not making a dent in his money supply. It may be hurting the little peeps and a few rich oligarchs in Russia, but Putin remains untouched.

The United States is now sending much more sophisticated weapons to Ukraine. While they obviously need weapons to fight, as the ante keeps amping up from the US, can no one figure out that Putin is also going to up the ante?

He has not used chemical warfare yet. If that G-d forbid happens, nobody wins – and all of Europe is affected.

Again we say that the lack of leadership in the world is pushing this totally unwarranted war closer to the brink. Perhaps it’s time to sit Zelensky down and give him the worst case scenario. And make no mistake. He also wants to save face at this point.

In the meantime, his country is being reduced to rubble for what? As the saying goes, principles are expensive.  Quiet diplomacy, with no press, no social media, no talking political heads is what is now required. Urgently.

We were told when we took the two vaccines against Covid, we would be ok. Then we were told that if we took the booster, we would be ok. Then, in la belle province of quebec we were told that only if you wear your mask will you be ok. Then we had a completely unwarranted curfew which did nothing but make people lose money.

Well peeps, it appears that the 300 million people living in the USA don’t feel the same way. Their mask mandates are basically gone. Last night, Biden ok’d no masks needed on airplanes and today Amtrak did the same. In fact, the planes were never the issue as they have an excellent filtration system.

The issues are when you are lining up to board, cheek to jowl. Once the air system on the plane starts working you’re fine.

As for wearing masks outside while walking alone, which we often see here, there’s nothing to say. The media and government have scared people into oblivion or to remote cottages where they will see no humans unless said people can find their way, via breadcrumbs like little red riding hood to the door. Very, very sad.

Can someone please bring Mr. Take-a-knee-Colin-Kaepernick a tissue? He’s crying because no one will hire him to play football.  Really? Wow.

Here’s a headline for Mr. Kaepernick and all the other bleeding-heart-save-the-whales-turtles-and-trees crowd: You won’t stand for the National Anthem because you are not happy with some part of the United States? When that very country is the reason you are making gzillions of dollars playing football in the first place?

Mr. Kaepernick is the poster-boy for the entitled, self-serving leftist crowd. Mr. Kaepernick started with the wrong people. Owners of football teams have more money than he can dream of. They clearly blackballed him (he sued for that and it was settled out of court) but he can’t prove it.

He hasn’t played football since 2016 when he gave the middle finger to his own country. Enjoy the ride Mr. Kaepernick and we hope you never set foot on a football field again. You don’t deserve to play the game you love after pooping all over the country that gave you the chance to do so.

The easter bunny saved President Joe Biden from making yet another massive gaffe. He was asked a question regarding Afghanistan, where the US failed miserably getting out of there. We will remind you that they left billions of dollars of equipment behind. Never mind the people that they vowed to save and did not.

So getting back into that quagmire was not what Biden’s handlers wanted. So how did they extricate him from the situation? Why they sent the easter bunny to gently move him away from the reporter asking those questions. Pretty pathetic.

Mr. I’m-going-to-save-the-world-from-climate-change Justin Trudeau is seriously full of it. No wait. He’s not full of it. He’s one of those people who makes rules for ‘us, the little peeps’ but is clearly way, way above the rest of us. Entitled is the operative word here.

Case in point is Justin flying his private plane to ski in Whistler BC over the easter weekend. Can we talk? He couldn’t go skiing in Mount Tremblant where he could drive? His carbon footprint is one of the biggest in the world and doesn’t give a rats about carbon footprint, cow ’emissions’ or global warming. Justin cares about Justin and his comfort.

One more thing. You can rest easy tonight. Canada has now imposed sanctions on Putin’s daughters and 12 other Russian associates.

Melanie Joly, our foreign minister said that Canada continues to ‘stand by the brave men and women fighting for their freedom in Ukraine’. And here we thought she was just another pretty face. Phew.

Wait a minute. Is Canada standing by the Ukrainians like they stood by the Afghans who they left behind after the Americans abandoned ship there? Just saying.

We’ll talk…

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