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Second Debate Recap and The Rest of the News

The Final Debate: Philippe Couillard’s demeanor was still very premier-like and he conducted himself with dignity. Contrast that with princess pauline who was constantly flailing her arms, pointing her finger at someone and hrumphing when she didn’t like what was said. And those beady eyes are just too much. Ich.

Francoise David and Legault, both ex-Pequistes, went after each other as to what kind of nationalists they are. Perfect.

Couillard was great. He brought up Peladeau’s wanting the republic of Quebec for his children. Marois went back to we won’t call a referendum until the people are ready. Couillard basically told her she was lying. Tell Quebecers that they will have a referendum if they get elected tell the truth.

They then went to the charter. Legault who represents the CAQ is despicable. He does not want anyone wearing religious ‘symbols’ as policemen, judges or teachers and went after He is as dangerous as the PQ. Another ich.

Like we said at the beginning of this week. There are still 10 days till the election and no matter what the polls say, it’s not over till all the votes are counted. Still sweating.

We owe you an apology. How could Blanche have missed the mother-of-all-storms? Incroyable. The Maritime provinces got the perfect storm yesterday, with many places reporting over 40 cm of snow. In English that’s about 16 inches of the white stuff. Hello?? We’re at the end of March. And in case you forgot, here we were allowed to put on our summer tires March 15. Right. May we suggest that you go into your garage and just gaze at those tires. Maybe if you think good thoughts, spring will come.

After you read this little ditty, you’ll be running to find yourself someone in city hall to donate money to your personal cause. If you recall, the Bixi bike business went bankrupt in January. That was after they refused to allow anyone to see their books – ever. Surprise!

A couple of days ago,  Mayor Denis Coderre unveiled an new “big pilot project”.  Bixi Montreal has been given a $4.3 million contract to run the bike-sharing service. Wait, it gets better. The city is also giving Bixi Montreal a $460,000 short-term loan and a $165,000 grant so that the organization can get started immediately on rolling out for the 2014 season.

But, he said, the city can’t do it alone. He said more people needed to use Bixi to make it a viable business, imploring Montrealers to “show your love for Bixi.”

Could someone please call Mayor Coderre and tell him that we also have a great project, something that everyone can love. We want to put new shrubs and flowers in front of our house. A nice grant would go a long way to helping everyone show their love for our house, especially when they come to visit.

What the heck???? Again the city is playing around with OPM – other people’s money. It’s not their money, Blanche doesn’t love Bixi and wants her money back.

That missing Malaysian plane is still dominating CNN’s website but is completely gone from Drudge. Frankly, we don’t agree with either news media. Obviously CNN has nothing else to report so they are going with this story as their headline. Unfortunately, there is nothing new to report with the plane.  They keep showing those little pieces of something floating in the ocean that are completely unidentifiable. It’s like looking for a piece of dirt in your carpet from two blocks away. Drudge should at least make mention of the missing plane, if only to say it’s still missing. It’s still a story and will remain so until something is found.

What’s with baseball coming back to Montreal?  And who exactly spending money on this?

How about this: First someone has to blow up the olympic stadium, the biggest white elephant and shrine to every corrupt construction company in this city.  Then someone else has to build a beautiful brand spanking new venue downtown and then the team owners have to say they want to come back here.  What da ya say someone has been spending too much time in Colorado where pot is legal?

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