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Seems Distribution of the Vaccine has Eluded Justin. It Has Been Learned that Elderly Seniors Must G

Papa Legault is getting intense pressure to close down all stores in red zones, which includes Montreal but does not include the Laurentians.

Here’s what’s happening up there: Everything is open and running as though the virus is on another planet. Restaurants are packed to capacity with people coming from Montreal who need to go out to eat.

One place had a party of about 30 young people, no masks, zero social distancing. Two men were sitting at another table and were appalled at what they saw and went outside. One guy called the police but after 20 minutes nobody came. The second guy called the police and what happens? About five minutes before the police arrive all the kids at that table came running outside sans their overcoats. Clearly the police tipped off the restaurant.

Papa Legault is pandering to his base at your expense. If people in Montreal lie down and take another lockdown they need to have their heads examined. If we close, everybody closes. Including Papa Legault’s base, who are evidently not all farmers.

Blanche, ya see that wall over there? So did Justin Trudeau as he was running, head first into it. Someone who had pity stopped him just as he was about to hit it head on. Would have been quite the splat, eh?

Why was Justin running into a wall? Remember last week he announced that he had no idea when Canada would be getting vaccines? The uproar from coast to coast was loud and angry and even Justin, who thinks himself to be above the fray of the little ‘folks’, heard it.

Someone in Justin’s special orb must have whispered in his ear and told him that if he doesn’t find some vaccines pronto, people will not forget it when the next election rolls around. Oops. People won’t like me?

So now we are getting 249,000 doses of the vaccine next week. That serves 150,000 people because we all need two doses. What’s about the other 37 million of us? When are we getting the vaccine?

Justin saw that is time there was no one to throw under the bus and he certainly wasn’t going to lie down for that. So, he forked over more money to bribe whoever he had to and poof! we now have a few measly vaccines. Didn’t fool us.

Here’s another pill Blanche. Canada’s chief public health officer Dr Theresa Tam says the first doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine are likely to be given only to people who can physically be at one of the 14 delivery sites.

That means that many in senior homes who are not mobile and are supposed to be the first to get the vaccines are out. Toast. Is this Justin’s version of distribution? No. It’s Justin rolling the dice and praying the right numbers come up, which here, they didn’t.

And speaking of distribution, we spoke to someone in the United States last night who ‘splained’ that the vaccine storage facilities are very heavily guarded as are the convoys distributing said vaccine. Did Justin get to this part yet? We very much doubt it as he has not uttered a word about this.

And then there’ Donald Trump who clearly knows how to take care of his people, like it or not.

Trump is expected to sign an executive order today to ensure U.S. citizens are first in line for vaccines manufactured in the United States, which is 500 million extra doses of Pfizer’s vaccine. That means we’re out for this one.

While we were somewhat fans of Trump, his wife, Melania looks to be, shall we say, a bit removed from reality. While people in the US are struggling economically, physically and emotionally with the virus, she unveiled a new tennis pavilion at the White House. Yes Blanche, there is a new tennis facility at the White House. Big whoop.

“It will function as both a place of leisure and gathering for future First Families.”  Timing, as they say, is everything in life and Melania’s timing is off, to put it mildly.

Next Monday December 14, the electoral college will vote on who won the election. If Biden wins, then all of Trump’s yelling and screaming won’t help him. How exactly does that work?

Every state gets one electoral vote for every member of its congressional delegation. For example, California, which has two senators and 53 House members, has 55 electoral college votes. The next is a bit of a history lesson: The 23rd Amendment, which gave residents of the District of Columbia the right to vote for president after it was ratified in 1960, allows for the district to have three electors, the number it would have if it were a state.

With one elector for each of the 100 senators, 435 House members and D.C.’s three electors, the total number is 538. A candidate needs a majority — at least 270 electoral votes — to win the presidency.

After the November general election, each state appoints a slate of electors chosen by the political party of the candidate that won the state’s popular vote. On the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December — Dec. 14 this year — the states’ electors formally choose the president.

So after that vote, it’s over. Done. We don’t want to hear anymore about it. Got that Trump?

Seems there are no really loyal people. Not even to Donald Trump. Get this one Blanche:

Kellyanne Conway, once Trump’s loudest cheerleader, is expected to net the biggest advance ever for a Trump tell-all. It is expected to dwarf the $2M paid to ex national security adviser John Bolton. It seems Conway could earn tens of millions more from the movie rights.

Well, for Trump there’s a bit of a silver lining here. Conway had so much work done on her face that no one may recognize her when she starts to go on the talk shows to promote her book. He’ll just say it’s not her.

We’ll talk…

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