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We have it on a credible source regarding the situation with nurses in the hospitals that take COVID cases in Montreal. This has fallen off the front pages as the senior homes are now taking over the news, after the appalling conditions are now being outed by the army who went in to help. This story will, and should stay in the headlines for a long time.

We don’t want to scare anyone, but take note: Nurses are at the end of their rope – physically and emotionally. If there is another outbreak in two or three weeks it will not be good. They are human beings, not robots as the government would like them to be.

Among the conditions that they must now work under, we chose to give you something that we  can all identify with.

How often to you go to the loo in an 8 hour period? Three, four? Depends on how much you drink, right? Well, because nurses are given only 2 PPE’s per shift, bathroom breaks are out of the question because if you go to the loo, your ppe becomes null and void and you then only have one left for your entire shift. Ergo, no drinking at all.

Is this normal? We’ll answer for you. No, it’s not. The dirty little secrets that governments are moving heaven and earth to hide are seeping out like runny eggs on toast. And we wish they would stop calling them guardian angels. That is a load of manure.

Perhaps some good will actually come out of this pandemic – that people will see how miserably incompetent our governments are and worse – how they took advantage, to put it mildly, of the most vulnerable people of our population to save money. Elderly people, many of whom cannot speak for themselves. Right now we are beginning a heat wave and these old, decrepit, mouldy buildings have no air conditioning.

Our suggestion is that all bureaucrats in Quebec be given skin in this game. Instead of army, the bureaucrats must go into those homes for one month shifts and take care of the people who they said would not feel the cuts in the health care system. And the first shift should be given to  Dr.Gaetan Barrette.

It appears that Japan did not lock down its population and had a total of 850 deaths. There are few items to note here, the main one being that Asians in general are much more obedient than North Americans. When they are told to stay home they don’t march in the streets shrieking that their first right amendment has been usurped.

While Taiwan is not the poster boy of democratic  countries, they have taken measures to try to stop this virus, some of which would make our western society insane but we are guessing it works.

One of our educated guesses is that their senior homes are run properly, not like those in North America where they are literally slow, painful death traps. Most places who had high death rates, including Quebec is because the senior homes have had no one running them properly for about 40 years. No one. But we digress.

When you arrive at the airport in Taiwan, you must fill out a form on your mobile phone which is fed into a centralised system. Each person is assigned a social worker, healthcare worker and, get this, a policeman.

If they call you and you don’t answer every 15 minutes for an hour, the policeman will come to your house. Let’s just say you best be home. If they find you went more than 300 meters from your house, which they can now track via your phone, you can be fined up to $33,000 USD.

The government said that after your 14 day quarantine, they will delete your information. If you actually buy that, we have swampland for you in Florida. Health comes with a price.

Just like the cold weather keeps people home, so does hot weather. In Phoenix today it is 114 fahrenheit, or, if you bought into the celsius business, 45.

Palm Springs California, where we once visited is 110 F or 43 celsius. They tell you it’s a dry heat. Ya sure. It’s like sticking your head in an oven that’s been on broil for about an hour. That’s also a dry heat but you last about half a second. No one will go near anyone in that heat, ergo social distancing at its best.

Say it ain’t so Blanche. Can you imagine that because of COVID, the dreaded plastic straws have come back. And where you may be asking? Of all places California, the mother-of-all-we-hate-anything-plastic places.

It’s clear that restaurants cannot wash reusable straws when making deliveries. Oh wait a minute. Deliveries all have plastic and foam containers. The people in California, San Francisco in particular, must be apoplectic, especially, the director of advocacy for the group Californians Against Waste.

Here’s something that’s seriously unfair. In the days just before announcing its bankruptcy, Hertz paid more than $16 million in retention bonuses to senior managers, including its new chief executive. Hertz agreed to pay a $700,000 bonus to their Chief Executive who was named to the post this month. The Chief Financial Officer received $600,000 and Chief Marketing Officer got $189,633.

In real life, the company laid off about two-thirds of its 21,000 employees who will not be receiving any bonuses.

We can all rest more easily now. Chinese scientists said they had ruled out both a laboratory and an animal market in the city of Wuhan as possible origins of the coronavirus pandemic.

It gets better. The director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said, and we quote, “It now turns out that the market is one of the victims.” Don’t believe a word of this. Counter that statement with this story from December 31,2019:

Around 1 a.m. on Dec. 31, Lu Junqing woke to a phone call from his boss at a local disinfection company. Get a team together and head to the Huanan market, he was told: “Bring your best kit.”

Mr. Lu knew the market, a sprawling maze of stalls near a railway station, but had no clue it was the suspected source of a mysterious illness spreading across this city, later identified as Covid-19.

When he got there, local officials directed him to a cluster of stalls selling wild animals for meat or traditional medicine. There were carcasses and caged live specimens, including snakes, dogs, rabbits and badgers,

Many health experts believe the current coronavirus lives naturally in bats and probably jumped to humans via another wild animal, possibly a civet cat or pangolin, which looks like an ardvark, nothing pretty but things the Chinese eat.

The thinking is that the virus could have first jumped to a human at the Huanan market or it could have infected someone elsewhere, possibly a wild-meat trader, who then visited the market.

Someone, somewhere, will eventually get to the bottom of this. Don’t however, bet on the WHO, World Health Organization. Follow the money.

We’ll talk…

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