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She’s Baaaaaaack:) hehehehehehe

Guess who’s back? Come on, try to guess. Ok we’ll tell you. Monica Lewinsky. Remember her? We won’t go into graphic detail but she spent some time in the oval office shall we say, not exactly working with then President Clinton, rather on President Clinton. Oy vey, did we write that? Well, it could have been massage therapy Blanche. Hehehehehehe. Anyway, let’s get back to why she surfaced.

It seems that she wants to help other humiliated women out there as she is one of the only ones who can fully understand their plight. And she wants to liberate herself from the past.

Now she may be telling the truth, but, as Perry Mason said, tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Don’t you find it odd that the closer it comes to Hillary declaring her run for the Presidency, Lewinsky pops up to save the world?

Ya know what we think? She’s still angry at how she was treated and waited it out until she felt it was the best time to get back at the two of them. Of course she could have waited until Hillary declared her presidential candidacy, but we have a feeling there’s more to come at that time.

As we thought, the PQ have started pointing fingers at each other as to who is responsible for their decimation at the polls. Not only that, Mr. Drainville, the author of the now infamous charter of values, thinks that people still like that insane document.

Lisee, another beauty probably trying to run for the leadership of the PQ, has started distancing himself from Drainville, saying that he thought Drainville actually asked the justice minister about the legality of the charter, when in fact, although we were told (and lied to) that he had, Drainville spoke to some lawyers and probably those he had a coffee with to see if the charter would fly through the courts.

They all deserve each other and we say they should all sail out to an island somewhere together and stay there…forever. ‘Some’ people want to know where Rob Ford, Toronto’s illustrious mayor is vis-a-vis his rehab. Who cares where he is? Will it make a difference in someone’s life if they can track him down somewhere in Wyoming?

What we found more interesting is that one of the Toronto city councilors spoke with him and said, “He sounded like he was in good spirits, I think he was getting better.” Getting better? He’s been there for 3 days. How much better can he be getting in 3 days? He probably needs 3 years of intense therapy to figure out why he is self-destructing. Unless one is a medical specialist on hard-core abusers, they should keep quiet.

It used to be called global warming. Then it was changed to climate change. The new buzz word floating around is climate disruption. Blanche is going to weigh in on this with something very simple: Right now the weatherperson cannot predict the weather for the next day, let alone a few years from now. The wind shifted, the clouds moved, we can’t control the winds – you’ve heard all the excuses.

How then, is the newest 840 page climate change document put out by the White House going to change anything? It won’t. It’s one of the biggest gaffs going and lotsa people, including the infamous Al Gore, are making gzillions of dollars off this shaft. About 300 teenage girls, writing an exam in a Nigerian school were kidnapped about 3 weeks ago. We heard a very interesting news report on this story. It seems that the powers that be in that area of Nigeria were warned not to use that school for anything as it was a target for militants. The warnings fell on deaf ears.

And don’t you find it strange that the Nigerian government cannot find the resources to find those girls? Why didn’t they ask another country to help them? World pressure is forcing them to do just that. They have turned to the United States to help locate those girls. For sure people in Nigeria know where they are. 300 people taken captive are not easy to hide. How many government people are involved in this? Probably quite a few given the reluctance to do anything about the plight of these young girls. Disgusting story from beginning to, hopefully a quick and safe ending.

Guess who else may run for mayor of Toronto, aside from Olivia Chow? Doug Ford, Rob’s bro. Someone has to step up to the plate and save those people from themselves.

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