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Sinking Ships, Sad Days and Breaking Out of Boundaries

You will get much pleasure from this story. Earlier this week Anonymous OpIsrael broke into the Israeli Education Ministry’s website, as well as the websites of the Israel Postal Service and the Central Bureau of Statistics. What did Israel do?

An Israeli Elite Force gained access to the computers of 16 Anonymous members and was able to capture screenshots and photos of the anti-Israel hackers with their own webcams. The Israeli team then published the information in a Dropbox document via their Facebook page, saying, “Anonymous, next time do not mess with us.”

The file included the names of the attackers, their countries of origin, and usernames and passwords to various websites they use. Most participants were based in Malaysia and Indonesia, while others were from Portugal, the United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Algeria and Saudi Arabia.

Hey, one minute,  why didn’t Obama call Israel to help set up Obamacare? Those websites would certainly have run, not better, but just run.  Oh wait. He’s doesn’t like Netanyahu, the prime minister of the only democracy in the Middle East. Pity.  President Obama cannot think out of his own small little cocooned world. And obviously neither can his ‘advisors’.

This Tuesday will mark a sad day in the US. It is the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. Who can forget those few days when no one knew who had perpetrated that heinous act?

After looking at 13,000 videos of the event, those in charge identified the two brothers. For a couple of days no one knew where they were. They surfaced at MIT, killing a guard in a bid to steal his gun. The brothers then hijacked an SUV with the police pursuing them. The younger brother ran over his older brother, killing him while managing to escape a huge number of police cars. The search for the last Tsarnaev intensified dramatically. Watertown Mass was flooded with law enforcement conducting a block-to-block and house-to-house search.

The city of Boston was placed under lockdown. People stayed home, hunkered down. The subway stopped running, while the Bruins and Red Sox postponed their games.

The search stretched all day long, continuing into darkness, with no luck. In the end, it wasn’t a cop who found Dzhokhar Tsarnaev; it was a guy going outside for a smoke.

The only way to conquer and eradicate evil is with goodness and kindness. If we all do our part, evil will have no place in our world.

We are burying this next piece because we are certain that most Quebecers would rather not see the name Marois again. However, as we said in the last blog, she’s the gift that keeps on giving.

What’s the princess doing now? Refusing to transfer power over to Couillard. When the PQ won 18 months ago, Charest did the normal thing, called her up on the night of the election and two days later, poof! there was a transfer of power. The PQ is sneaky and slimy right to the bitter end. The big question is why they are holding off transferring power over to the Liberals?

Our deep throat suggests that perhaps they are, shall we say, getting rid of  (read shredding) incriminating papers, notes etc, anything that they feel will make them look even worse than they do now to the public.

We have a tip for the missives over there. You misread your own people completely. No one is going to be fooled by the machinations you may be up to trying to save yourselves. For the next very long while, your ship has sunk and you’re all on it together. May we suggest you enjoy the ride? Either that, or everyone better have a life jacket cause they’re all going to try to throw each other overboard.

Ok boys and girls, we’re going to have a science quiz. Can anyone give the definition of a total lunar eclipse? Wait a second before reading the next sentence. Maybe you’ll remember – hehehehehehe.  A total lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, the Earth and the moon are in perfect alignment so that the Earth’s shadow completely covers the surface of the moon.

We’re having one this Tuesday night at 1:58 am. So if you’re just finishing your seder or better yet, walking home from a seder, glance up to the sky. You can look at a lunar eclipse, but not a solar eclipse.

Don’t think we are obsessed with the weather, but it’s just been crazy this year. Seems that tomorrow it will be 23 Celsius (in English, about 75 Fahrenheit). On Wednesday it’s going to drop to -10 Celsius (14 Fahrenheit). We’d say turn the heat off but that’s probably not such a good idea for Wednesday. Blanche, ya think spring is ever going to come? Or are we going from winter directly into summer with the bugs, heat and humidity?

Passover Why must we re-enact our freedom from slavery in Egypt every year? It’s an old story already. Everyone knows that on Passover we were freed from slavery and left Egypt. Here’s a short insight:

The Hebrew word for Egypt is mitzrayim, which means boundaries.

Every year when we re-enact the seder, we are trying to leave our own personal Egypt and boundaries. The boundaries that slow us down, that constrict our spiritual growth, that keep us from reaching out to someone that we know we should. Each person has their own personal boundary.

So how do we leave  Egypt? How do we break out of our personal boundaries? By trying to make ourselves small and humble like the lowly matzah, so we can fit through any bars and fly past any cloud.

May we merit to celebrate Passover in Israel with all of our loved ones, in a world filled with peace, in a world where there is no illness and war will be eradicated forever.

Have a happy, healthy and meaningful Passover,

We’ll talk on Thursday…

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