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Siri and Alexa Are Eavesdropping in Your Bedroom. Yikes…

Ok. Can everyone please take a deep breath and move on? Andrew Scheer is not anti-gay nor is he anti-abortion. He said unequivocally that he will uphold the laws as they stand now.

He will not entertain an anti-abortion bill from those in his party who may float one should be become Prime Minister. Such a question is, as he said, hypothetical and right now, irrelevant and taking the spotlight away from much bigger issues.

The liberals are trying everything in the books and then some to deflect away from Justin’s many, many missteps and scandals. It may have worked for a week or two, but it’s getting stale.

For those who wish to keep it going, pick up a mirror and start talking to yourself. You’re gay and you want to get married, so be gay and get married. It is a non-issue, as Scheer said.

It’s about time that Bill di Blasio and Kristen Gillibrand left the democratic presidential race. In fact, they shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

The next debate will take place in Houston in mid September and it will be one night only as, guess what – everyone fits on one stage. So who’s who in the zoo now?

Only three candidates polling at double digits: Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Five are averaging support above 2 percent: Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke and yes, Andrew Yang.

Klobuchar and Castro  have around 1 percent or less.

Our guess as to who will have to drop out next: O’Rourke, Yang, Klobuchar and Biden. Elizabeth Warren is attracting massive crowds while Biden is kept in a quiet room or one with about 10 people. His latest gaffe, in case you were wondering is when he was speaking in New Hampshire and said how much he loved Vermont.

For those of you who say ‘we don’t care who listens to our conversations’, you might want to read this next piece.

On Wednesday, Apple apologized to its users for employing third-party contractors to listen to audio recordings picked up by its Siri voice assistant, including when the voice assistant program was accidentally triggered by muffled background noise. And what noise might that be? Why a zipper opening.

So  when you were intimate with your loved one, Siri was right there listening  and it seems other devices also listened into doctor-patient conversations.

Yes dearie, other people were listening to you while you were in bed and at appointments that are definitely no one else’s business. Wait, it gets better.

Here’s more of Apple’s apology: “We realize we haven’t been fully living up to our high ideals, and for that we apologize.” Spare us.

Here’s a heads-up: While you may think you don’t care that others are definitely listening to your conversations and other private moments, when those moments come back to bite you, let’s just say you’ll be singing a different tune.

James Comey, ex-FBI director, has been caught with his veritable pants down. Well, not exactly,  but he was raked over the coals by the Inspector General of the United States who cited no less than 26 times that he leaked or gave information that he no right sharing with anyone in his position.

His sanctimonious and self-righteous attitude does nothing to make him look good. It makes him look sanctimonious and self-righteous. Feh.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Great Britain prorogued parliament this week. Know also that Johnson is a pro-brexit guy.

In a nutshell, he ended the session of parliament before it was to be ended. The bigger question to ask here is why he did this. And this answer to that is…

By suspending Parliament between Sept. 11 and Oct. 14, politicians will have far less time to try to stop or stall Britain’s upcoming exit from the E.U. which is expected Oct. 31.

It also means there is less time for Parliament to pass laws designed to soften the economic damage that could be caused by “no-deal” Brexit, which is the default if Britain doesn’t reach a withdrawal agreement with E.U. member states before Oct. 31.

All in all, Great Britain is now in one of the biggest messes in their history with the main issue what happens on November 1 if GB leaves the EU with no deal.

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, everything associated with the EU would come to an end with absolutely no clarity about what happens. Zero.

So let’s say you import lettuce from the Great Britain into the EU. Well, as of November 1, you are no longer part of the EU and they can no longer do business with you until you have a new deal in place. Now multiply this by millions and millions of businesses and you have one of the biggest crises in our time.

Theresa May failed in her attempt to get a deal done and it cost her the Prime Minister’s job. Let’s see what happens to Johnson. One thing is for sure, he’s much more resilient than May and much more willing to take chances, which he just did.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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