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Prominent scientists are now demanding a full retraction of an early, highly influential paper on the origins of COVID-19 that downplayed the lab leak theory and was praised by Dr. Anthony Fauci.

A few months ago we posted an article about a paper that five prominent scientists authored saying that they did not believe any type of laboratory-based scenario regarding covid was plausible.

However, emails from early 2020 that came to light earlier this year show that Fauci and the paper’s authors suspected all along that the virus may have been the result of a lab leak.

Last week a total of 47 scientists and other STEM professionals signed an open letter to Nature Medicine journal calling for the paper to be retracted.

The paper is “scientific fraud,” declared one of the signers, Richard H. Ebright, the Board of Governors professor of chemistry and chemical biology at Rutgers University.

The paper “falsely claimed science showed COVID-19 did not have a lab origin,” Ebright wrote in a tweet. “Newly released messages from the authors show they did not believe the conclusions of the paper and show the paper is the product of scientific fraud and scientific misconduct.”

“Scientists in the clinical and contiguous sciences have argued against these papers almost from the beginning, and have been subjected to volleys of abuse."

We have news for those scientists - they weren't the only ones who were subjected to volleys of abuse from the liberal woke culture bs people. There was no other opinion other than theirs. If you dared say a word you were hung out to dry.

We will remind everyone that in April 2020, Fauci cited the study from no less than the White House podium as evidence the virus jumped from animals to humans. Fear not peeps, eventually justice and the truth will prevail.

And one has to wonder what else they fabricated...

Well that didn't take long. The twenty times over budget, many years late rapid transport system in Montreal called the REM officially launched yesterday. Within the first hour, a train broke down on the Champlain bridge leaving over a hundred people stranded for hours.

It wasn't snowing, raccoons can't get to the tracks, a fish didn't jump out of the St. Lawrence River and land on the track, nor did an almost extinct turtle mosey on to the track causing a sudden train stop. Nope. It just broke down.

And what did the powers that be say? B'ais - c'est NORmal for something to break down when you are launching it. Is that so? Maybe in la belle province that's normal, but in any other part of the world, it is far from normal.

We will remind you when the license bureau here launched their new website a few months ago it crashed the minute it started and has yet to be repaired. The truth is, it was never tested.

As such, people living in quebec can now use a five or ten year old picture of themselves on their new license because the government wants people to mail in their renewal and they will use the old pictures.

Remember the Big Owe - the olympic stadium? That was incompetence, graft and bribery at its finest. Blanche, remember when part of an inner cement block fell off in the Big Owe just before a car show that had to be cancelled?

Now let's take another look at the train that broke down on the first day. Let's guess how many people made money taking bribes and then using inferior materials for the trains and tracks. Reminds us of how they fix the same potholes here year after year after year. They are never fixed because - oh wait - inferior materials are used.

Politicians in la belle province are corrupt and inept from the top down starting with the czar himself. While he may not be taking bribes personally, he is either hiring very stupid people or hiring his friends who don't have a clue what they are doing. Either way, we the public get screwed here royally.

What's with the boo-boo on Justin's forehead?

Nobody could find vitamin E and then add some makeup to cover it up? It's right in the middle of his forehead. Seriously?

A couple of weeks ago we said that if one doesn't agree with the left, liberal woke bs crowd, one's opinion counts for less than nothing. In fact, they won't even listen.

To prove our point we listened to the mother-of-all liberal stations - NPR and CNN. The only thing they talk about is Trump's newest potential indictments. Not one word was breathed about Biden's illustrious son Hunter and how he managed to fatten his father's coffers while the latter was vice president.

It's as though we are living in two different realities, two different planets and only what they deem as news gets reported.

We challenge you to find one word about Biden on CNN's website. We'll save you the trouble. You won't.

The only time you will hear anything is if money given to Hunter Biden came from a promise that his father would 'do something' to help whoever was 'donating' the money.

At that point, the liberal left will have no choice but to say something. Our guess is that it won't take much longer for this to happen.

The US governments - both state and federal - are keeping you 'safe'. Beginning yesterday, if you order food anywhere in New York you have to ask for a fork, knife, plate and ketchup.

Starting today, the old light bulb known as incandescent are verboten as they are one of the causes of climate change. Really?

In the US you will be forced to buy LED lights which give off a sharp, glaring light. If you believe this, we have swampland for you in Florida.

Get a grip peeps. Until they go after China, India and Pakistan and stop their endless coal burning factories, 'climate change' is here to say.

Not giving Ethel a fork for her takeout salad is insanity and will do nothing to save anyone. Except that Ethel may lose weight cause she can't eat her salad.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We speak of Donald Trump's latest indictment.

In case the democrats didn't notice, with every indictment, Trump's popularity increases. This time he was hit with four serious crimes accusing him of fraudulently trying to undo his loss in the 2020 election.

The first charge, conspiracy to defraud the United States, has a maximum possible sentence of five years in prison if convicted.

Two other charges — conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, and obstruction of an official proceeding — carry much heavier maximums: 20 years in prison.

The fourth charge against Trump, conspiracy against rights, has a maximum possible sentence of 10 years behind bars. The judge on the case is an Obama appointment.

Now does anyone in their right mind think that Trump is going to jail? He's not. Not only that, with each set of charges he gets bolder and more popular.

We repeat - the purpose of all of this is to try to make sure he can't run in the next election. If Trump has to create a third party he will run. Nothing is going to stop him.

We'll talk...

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