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In the believe it or not department, some people in Japan reportedly became so used to wearing face masks during COVID that they are taking classes to teach them how to smile again.

Students hold mirrors up to their faces and use their hands to stretch their mouths up and outward, forcing themselves to smile.

Some students use tablets with apps installed that help them regain their smiles. The app captures their smile and gives them a score. Remember Alan Funt? Smile, you're on Candid Camera.

Here's something very interesting to chew on.

The 22nd amendment of the US constitution states: No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once.

In layman's terms - a person can only run for the office of president twice. Now get this one:

Barack Obama runs as Biden's vice presidential candidate.

It's no secret that Biden is aging, slow and most likely doesn't follow conversations very well, if at all. He is feeble and looks it. If his wife cared about him for even a second, she would not allow him to continually embarrass himself. We have said more than once that it is Jill Biden who wants to be president, if she is not already except in name only. But we digress.

Imagine Biden wins then has to step down. Guess who would be president for a third term - legally? Without a third election. Exactly. Barack Hussein Obama.

Believe us, this is not a far-fetched idea. Biden will never win with Kamala Harris. But he will win over Trump if Obama runs as his VP. Stay tuned peeps.

Can we talk about Prince Harry for a minute?

Harry and co-claimants’ are alleging that their phones were hacked to get stories for newspapers including the Mirror. The trial began on Monday but Harry was nowhere to be found. Where was he? At his daughter's 2nd birthday party.

The judge was furious with him. His lawyer tried to tell the judge that Harry was delayed because of his daughter's birthday but he (the judge) was not amused, to say the least. He accused Harry of wasting the court's time, which of course he did.

King Charles III, Harry's father is conveniently at his house in Romania (who knew he had a house there?) while his son is in London. But that's beside the point.

Harry is one of those parents who look at their two-year-old and ask them, with a straight face, if they want Daddy to go to London or be here for her birthday party. Really?

His daughter doesn't know the difference which day her birthday party. Give her a lollipop and she'll be happy if it's on Sunday or Thursday or any day.

Harry knew he had a court date on Monday and knew if that if he stayed in California Sunday he would miss said date. That falls into the do-you-know-who-I-am category.

And why exactly is this being settled in court? Why wasn't it quietly settled? Guess. Because Harry and Meghan cannot ever get enough publicity. Ever.

Yet again, 'they' are trying to indict Donald Trump. It's not going to work. He will never go to prison and he will be able to run for president.

And don't listen to the polls. They are never right as we saw from the last election.

The more people enter the Republican presidential race, the better chance Trump has. Especially people like Chris Christie and Mike Pence, neither of whom have a hope in you-know-where of getting anywhere near the White House.

Trump's main rival, DeSantis is the only one who can even come close to him and that's a long shot. All this indictment business does is give the news media something to talk about.

Kudos to the city of Cote St. Luc. The czar legault let his dogs loose on the English community last week. If you want to speak to someone in English, let's say in the city of Montreal, you have to attest that you deserve to have them speak to you in English.

What did the city of Cote St. Luc do? Mocked the whole ridiculous thing, saying in their recorded message that no, you do not have to produce your 3rd grade report card to have someone speak to you in English.

We really, really hope the czar legault becomes the laughing stock of the world because that's what he is.

Oh, and while we're at it, the quebec education minister, Bernard Drainville, realized that 90% of anglos graduate high school while less than 70% of french kids graduate. The quebec government just woke up and realized this? Fix your own house before letting the dogs out.

If you think Target is losing tons of money because of their 'pride' baby sleepers, it appears they ain't seen nothin yet.

Turns out Target donated money to a group called NDN which is a native Indian organization in America. These people want to close down Mount Rushmore because it is “an international symbol of white supremacy".

Can we talk? You cannot erase history - good or bad. It happened and guess what? We are supposed to learn from history, not rewrite it.

We hope you are not surprised to find that along with closing Mount Rushmore, they want all indigenous land to go back to indigenous people. In case you didn't know, that would include Manhattan.

Target's customers are both black and white. Why can't they just stick to selling and stay out of politics? This is not going to sit well with the people who shot up Bud Light's beer cans as target practice, pardon the pun.

Imagine spending 13 years trying to adopt a child because you can't have one of your own? Think about it. 13 years.

Such is the case with one couple who launched a petition at the national assembly, calling on the government to make international adoptions easier. Can you believe that adopting a child from another province is considered international?

And quebec is the only province in Canada thinking themselves more religious than the pope, not allowing international adoptions from the United States. What's wrong with adopting an American child? He or she won't speak French?

Four years ago, this couple moved to Ontario to be able to adopt a child from the US, which they did. Trying to enter Canada, they encountered a Canada Border Services agent who classified their son as a tourist, so he was unable to register for RAMQ services. Another genius working for Justin.

Adopting a child means that child has no home. What greater gift to humanity can there be than giving that child a home, a chance to have a normal life. Why is it made so difficult?

One would think that helping the adoptive family would be top of the do-gooder list. Not at the bottom forcing them to run through an endless labyrinth. Shreklach.

Here's the link to sign their petition so no other family will ever have to go through what this family did to adopt a child.

We'll talk...

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