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Some People Are Not Just Missing A Screw. The Whole Freakin Toolbox is Gone.

It’s official. The parti quebecois and its leader live in a very dark, backwater bubble. With the world living on edge, Brussels shut down, Paris shaking, Israel in turmoil, Russia and Turkey now on the brink of something ugly, the separatist party in Quebec is still busy with creating their own country. There are no words.

Both the princess (marois) and now PKP (Peladeau) have surpassed the idiot chart, moving to imbeciles. They are so insular, so busy with themselves and the demented dream of their own country, they have totally missed what is happening in the rest of the world.

Before they start talking about their own country, may we suggest that they get their ducks in a row. Can someone send them a memo that in the past couple of weeks the world got a lot smaller?

To keep up with what is happening, along with their fiefdom, they will need an army with an intelligence arm (now there’s an oxymoron) and definite borders (a sticky point). Who they will share their intelligence with is anyone’s guess. Maybe they’ll use a weegie board to communicate with Rene Levesque. He seemed to have all the answers. They are an embarrassment and look like amateur buffoons.

In case you were looking to read something not scary, here’s a tidbit to ponder: Today is World Toilet Day. Blanche, honestly you’re dizguzting. Maybe people are eating while they read this. Well, once we started we may as well give you the whole shpiel.

It appears that as of 2014 about half a million people in the United States do their ablutions out of their home. You won’t be surprised to hear that most of those people live in Alaska. Can we talk? Can you imagine how cold that terlit seat is?

One more thing. We just couldn’t resist. Compare this to the latest terlit that has a heated seat with adjustable temperature, night light, automatic odor filter and remote control among other features.

Back to our insane world. Turkish fighter jets shot down a Russian warplane early this morning after apparently giving the pilots ten warnings “in the space of five minutes” that they were flying over Turkish airspace—a charge Vladmir Putin has vehemently denied. What else is he going to say?

After the pilots ejected it appears the Turks shot and killed one of them. The whereabouts of the other pilot are unknown. Lovely people all of them.

The U.S. State Department issued a Worldwide Travel Alert. It’s not a ban. It’s an alert. We are not going to mention soft targets, of which there are many, to spook everyone. In case you were wondering why this advisory was issued now, it’s because tomorrow, Wednesday, is the biggest travel day in the US – the day before Thanksgiving. The advisory is more for people traveling outside the United States, encouraging them to register with a US embassy wherever they go. Now doesn’t that make you feel safer? Not.

We’ve said this many times: Margaret Thatcher was right all along. The EU is in a huge mess. Those open borders and free entry at airports have been one of the biggest detriments to their safety. They are working overtime to close all those loopholes but dearies, the damage is done. Those who wanted to get in are already there. It may be harder for them to move around, but the lax security was a huge mistake.

Trudeau’s liberal government held a press conference today with no less than five cabinet ministers present:  Usually one dude comes out, makes an announcement and Bob’s your uncle. Not so today.

They obviously found safety and comfort in numbers – pardon the pun – when they announced that instead of bringing in 25,000 ‘refugees’ from the middle east by December – uh, that would be in about a week – they have dropped the number to a mere 10,000. Seems they cannot vet so many people so quickly. No kidding.

Now get this: There are 12 cities in Quebec and 23 in the rest of Canada taking in those coming here. In other words, half the cities getting the refugees are here in la belle province. Interesting, n’est pas?

They also finally came out with what it will cost to bring them in: About $678 million over six years. Blanche, dat sounds like a ballpark figure. By any estimation it will cost a few hundred million more. Wait, you’ll see. They were sicker than we thought, poorer, they only speak arabic, they need more mental healthy help, yadayadayada.  At least the government woke up and realized how unrealistic it was to bring in 25,000 people…in the dead of winter.

Today the Charbonneau commission’s report was finally revealed. (In case you don’t know what this commission did for $50 million – it was the official Commission of Inquiry on the Awarding and Management of Public Contracts in the Construction Industry or, a public inquiry into potential corruption in the management of public construction contracts. How much is that mouthful worth?

So what did the commission say? Well, of the 60 recommendations, Madame Charbonneau devoted an entire chapter on the contract to build the super hospital. That means it was corrupt from top to bottom. Former senior managers at the McGill University Health Centre were given far too much discretionary power in the planning of the $1.3-billion superhospital – a situation that allowed corruption to take root and thrive. Read Arthur Porter. In other words, people pocketed gzillions of dollars and the hospital is just short of a disaster.

It was also revealed today that dudes who own the snow clearing companies in Montreal sit in a restaurant and decide who’s getting which areas, what they will charge and how much it will cost each company to tow the line. That’s called collusion. Hey, wait a second Blanche, isn’t this exactly what the Charbonneau commission was looking at? Oh, right, it was only in the construction industry.

Guess what? It’s embedded in Quebec’s culture and even with a $50 million report will not now or ever root out the problem. Crooks breed crooks who breed more crooks. And this province is king of the crooks.

We’ll talk…

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