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Some People Should Introduce Their Upper Lip to Their Lower Lip and Shutup

The fires Fort McMurray are leading off all the US news reports. At least they were over the weekend. After checking today however, it seems to be old news. Given that, the fires are still burning, and all evacuees who fled Fort McMurray to the north of the city to escape wildfires have been successfully transported to communities south of the blaze.

The government began moving people by road on Friday along Highway 63, the only road through the city. The fires are one thing but it’s a bit strange to have one road in a small city of over 80,000 people. No one ever thought that maybe one day there might be an emergency? Aside from rebuilding the parts of the town that burned, they should maybe think about making another road.

Looks like Jian Ghomeshi is going to get off scott-free with no criminal record for any alleged sexual and/or physical assaults. The last woman to press charges is dropping them tomorrow. That would be a very smart move if she has the same kind of email trail the other ones had.

He has to sign something called a peace bond, which is essentially an agreement to keep the peace and maintain good behavior under a set of terms and conditions.

Can we talk? Keep the peace and maintain good behavior? He needs to see a serious shrink for a very long time. Our prediction still stands about him. He will disappear for a couple of years, go for ‘therapy’, write his rehabilitation book and poof! he’ll be back using his ‘experiences’ as a springboard for his next big job. If anyone thought Ted Cruz would disappear quietly into the night they were wrong. His lovely blond, slightly slimy wife Heidi said one of the most insane things – about her husband no less – that we have heard in a very long time.

She compared his losing the bid for presidential nominee to how long it took for abolitionists to end slavery. We quote “Think that slavery — it took 25 years to defeat slavery. That is a lot longer than four years. …” Blanche, can you say delusional?

What is she talking about? He lost because not only didn’t the public vote for him, his party despises him. He needs to find another job. Go back the the senate and keep sponging off the public.

Although Trump isn’t in the news fifty times a day, he’s still around. We read the best analysis of his rise to the republican nominee last weekend. In a piece written by Conrad Black he describes Trump this way: …”he has cast the Archie Bunker net to pull in the masses of the angry Americans who won’t take it anymore and whose presence was unnoticed by everyone else seeking the White House.”

While those around Trump are talking about the absurd like transgender bathrooms (looking to make issues when there are none) and Obama says the biggest problem facing the US is climate change,(isis? what’s that?) Trump is coming up the middle. Can you not see entire neighborhoods hanging out their windows yelling: I’m mad as h..l and not going to take it anymore! Blanche, seems that time has run out on politicians who think they know better than the peeps. In fact, the emperor has no clothes.

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