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Another insane, gruesome attack in France, this time in Nice. Different place but same results – ordinary people doing ordinary things on Bastille day in France. This time the modus operendi was even more grisly – a huge truck plowing through hordes of people, zigzagging through the crowd for over a mile until the driver was killed. You know how long a mile is? It is mind-boggling.

The driver was a resident of Nice of Tunisian origin. Most likely his parents were  from Tunisia and he was born in Nice.  Israel has seen these kind of attacks for a long time. Isis issued the call a couple of years aog to kill the infidels any way they can including stabbings and driving trucks into people. This person in Nice took that call literally.

Doesn’t matter that the French have taken in millions of arabs. They are getting the brunt of these attacks. Remember the Charlie Hebdo attacks when cartoonists drew mohammed? They don’t forget these things. That’s why strength is what is needed.

Not words. Not balloons. Not teddy bears. Not candles. Not marches. Not memorials. Not thoughts and prayers. No kumbaya holding hands singing together. ACTION. Armies from multiple countries sent to completely and totally eradicate isis and their supporters. Nothing else will work. But to do that the world needs leadership. And there is none.

Obama came out uttering the same impotent and totally useless words refusing to say it was done by islamic terrorists. He will go down in history as the worst president the United States has ever had, refusing to acknowledge that the world is at war, taking a zero leadership role. You may not like Trump. He may be brash, say inane things and rub you the wrong way. But he’s a leader and with good advisors, would have taken action long, long ago.

This is a world war and every country must be actively involved. It is a matter of time before they set their sites on other countries.

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