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Special Edition of Blanche

This is a special edition of Blanche as tomorrow we will be focusing on the election and have no clue what time it will end, ergo what time Blanche will leave this computer. So we will give you the rest of the news today. Or, whatever else there is to write about together with the US election. 

As we have said on more than one occasion, just because someone is loud and abrasive does not mean that they are correct. Such is the case with Montreal’s mayor.

This has to do with phone tapping yet again. Seems a couple of years ago our mayor (before he was mayor) received a $444 fine for driving a car that didn’t have a valid licence plate. Happens to the best of us, eh Blanche?

Well, two years later, after Coderre became mayor, Patrick Lagacé, who’s phone was bugged once before, got wind of rumors at the police department suggesting that Coderre was attempting to use his power as mayor to have the ticket cancelled.

Being a diligent reporter, Lagace began snooping around. The mayor has admitted he telephoned then-police chief Marc Parent to talk about journalist Patrick Lagacé, just before police obtained search warrants to look at Lagacé’s cell phone logs.

Turns out da mayor paid his ticket but his behaviour is, again we say, reminiscent of Richard Nixon. Everyone’s out to get him. He needs either a pill or a shrink or both. Can someone please splain to Blanche why da Pope is sticking his nose into the US election? He’s in the religion business last time we looked. And what’s he going to do if Trump wins? Call home  for advice?

Depending on which news site one looks at, both Trump and Clinton are winning or losing. What is particularly nauseating is how much Obama wants her to win and that sickening grin on his face while he runs around campaigning for someone he hates. He’s protecting his ‘legacy’. We wonder when Obamacare falls dead on its face if he will accept blame for it. After all, it has his name on it.

Here’s another interesting tidbit: Both candidates are headquartered in Manhattan, a first. She’s at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and he’s at New York Hilton Midtown. They are a few blocks from each other.

Hillary is certain that she’s winning as she’s building a stage shaped like the United States, complete with outlying pillars for Alaska and Hawaii. To top it off, pardon the pun, the ceiling at the Javits centre is glass, a metaphor for her breaking the ‘glass ceiling’ by becoming the first woman president. Honestly? It’s obvious money is absolutely no object. Spend, spend and spend some more on herself and her friends.

Rumor has it that James Comey, head of the FBI is going to be getting the boot by none other than Loretta Lynn, Attorney General. How sweet that will be for the Clintons, Obamas and Lynn. It will also give the green light to Bill to get those engines revved up for their foundation once his wife is safely in the White House. Ya want to see madame president? Pay up.

It’s pretty obvious that Trump isn’t going to win this election unless all the stars and then some go his way. What is 100% a crap shoot is what will happen if he loses. Will he concede graciously? Will he say the election was rigged and ask for a recount? Will he not only ask for a recount but a new election? Here are some scenarios:

1. At least half of all Trump voters already think that a) the election is rigged or b) their votes won’t be counted. If he does not concede and keeps going on as to how the election was rigged it will be very difficult for her to govern.

2. It could incite violence. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke encouraged his fellow Trump supporters to take up pitchforks and torches following claims of a rigged election. He’s a real genius. Hee Haw. Giddy-up.

3. He will undermine democracy at its core. Peaceful transfers of power have kept America a stable democracy for centuries. If that tradition ends, it could shake the belief that democracy is effective and cause voters to become more apathetic or adopt a more extreme political ideology.

The biggest question of all is who will be able to stop him if he goes this route? Hopefully his daughter Ivanka who will help him get TNN going. That would be the Trump News Network. At least he would be busy.

Blanche, now you can get the barf bag for real. Here’s a partial list of how much money the airlines made on ancillary revenue aka ticket change fees, penalties, and upgraded seat fees. In total they made over $40 billion.

The winner is United Airlines at $6.2 million. Runners up include: American Airlines at $4.7 million and Delta at $3.8 million. To give you a better taste of what we are talking about, the $6.2 million is 16% of the United Airlines revenue.

Blanche, when this election is over we will be very happy.  It’s been an exhausting, divisive and lower than low few months. The United States is going to need a collective vacation.

We’ll talk…

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