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Special Super Tuesday Edition

Donald Trump trumped super Tuesday. As of this writing he has won 5 states and will most probably take another 2 or 3.

We watched Hillary speak tonight at a staged rally. We cannot fathom what people see in this woman. She reeks fake. How people can believe one word of what she is saying is beyond us. What totally blew Blanche out of the water was looking at the people behind her as she tried to rally the crowd. There was not one white face. Front and center behind her was a woman with a hijab. There were black people, Asian, Indian and Native Americans. Anything but a white person.

Every move she makes is staged and with an agenda. She is loathsome. And guess what? If we lived in the US we would reserve our special place in he.l because we would not vote for a woman like that.

Trump on the other hand looked and sounded presidential. He did not hold a rally, rather a press conference where he was introduced by Chris Christie, a very unusual move. No rah, rah. No pumping the crowd. He has done that for weeks. He was gracious and congratulated Cruz on winning his two states. After speaking briefly he fielded many questions from reporters. His answers were straight, honest and he sounded normal. He said what many people feel – fed up with governments that use their money with reckless abandon and say they care about the ‘little people’ but do nothing to show it. It’s called contempt.

People may not like Trump’s brash manner, his hair color which is nasty and the long comb-over. But he has come in at the right time, after eight years of Obama who took his country for a long ride nowhere but downhill. His lack of leadership both within the US and worldwide has left a huge void which Trump is willing, ready and able to fill. Guess who we would vote for?

Trump is finding support where he doesn’t necessarily want it. Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam leader and prominent black activist and minister, is a fan of Donald Trump. Guess why?

Trump is the only mem­ber who has stood in front of Jew­ish com­mu­nity, and said I don’t want your money. Before you roll your eyes, get this: Could any other presidential candidate wrangle the vocal support of Farrakhan with one hand and former KKK grand wizard David Duke with the other? No one. It’s like two negatives making a positive.

Michael Applebaum, Montreal’s erstwhile mayor is getting the short end of the stick. While he may in fact be guilty of white collar crime, the fact that he has to wait years and years to get to trial is a travesty of justice.

He was arrested very publicly in May of 2013 and will not go to trial until September 2017. That is insane. Do the courts need a new building here because so many people have trials? Or do we need more lawyers and judges? What’s up here?

One member of Hillary’s family has been conspicuously absent. Her son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, Chelsea Clinton’s spouse and only Jew in the family.

Lest you think he’s shy, think again. Mezvinsky was born into politics and grew up surrounded by political ambition and the scandal that sometimes accompanies it. Both his parents were members of Congress, and his father later served time in federal prison for fraud. What are you saying Blanche? He was in the slammer? Yikes.

Here’s the kicker: Mezvinsky is a wealthy hedge fund manager and alumnus of Goldman Sachs. Let’s just say he’s not the poster boy Hillary Clinton is seeking to project right now. Coupled with the fact that Hillary won’t release the speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs, da son-in-law best stay very far in the background.

We’ll talk…

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