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There’s an editorial in today’s English paper warning the anglo and allophone communities in Montreal not to split their vote in the next provincial election. They are referring to voting for two fringe English parties and imploring people to vote for the Liberals. Can we talk?

The liberal party needs to implode – which mercifully is slowly happening.

They have a leader – Dominique Anglade is who completely ineffective. They have people like David Birnbaum who threw the English community under the bus and is now pretending that he didn’t . And no less than 13 currently elected liberals are bolting from a sinking ship and not running in the next election.

Our suggestion is to vote for the Conservative party led by Eric Duhaime. The article was correct on one point – don’t split the vote between the useless liberals and two other so-called parties who will never amount to anything and disappear within a year.

Give Duhaime your vote. At the very least, he is associated with a legitimate party.

The main international airport in Canada – Toronto Pearson – is a dysfunctional mess. It should be avoided at all costs. Other airports are bad, but Pearson is a sure way to miss your flight. So what is our esteemed Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra tweeting? He is telling people about Happy World Environment Day. Big whoop.  He is yet another left-wing woke culture genius living in an altered reality.

He is speaking about anything and everything except for what he is responsible for – airports. No one should be surprised as his boss, Justin is busy running to Los Angeles to attend the Conference of Americas – with many countries either banned or not attending.

The question is how did Justin get there? We’ll put you out of your misery. In his private plane, far from the madness and chaos of Pearson Airport. That is for the plebs and little peeps to deal with.

As for the continuing mask mandate in airports and on planes, it is beyond, beyond ridiculous.

If you want to wear a mask – wear one. But forcing people to do so after they just attended a concert of 50,000 people and/or shopped in a mall and/or went to a movie – all maskless is the furthest from science and medicine as you can get.

And by the way,  where is the medical evidence to force masks in airports? There is none, ergo the deafening silence of both Justin, that fool Theresa Tam and his transport minister. It’s enough.

UPDATE…LET’S HOPE: Word on the street is that tomorrow Air Canada will be defying the feds and going mask optional on all their flights both domestic and international. Mask rules are causing too many problems and a competitive disadvantage when they are simply not required.

One more thing: Somebody has to tell Biden to drop the vaccine mandate for people entering the US legally. If you want to get in as an illegal immigrant,  no vaccines are required. Just cross the border, say you are seeking political asylum and bob’s your uncle – no vaccine required.  Is that normal? No.

So Bernard Drainville, author of the Quebec values charter has moved from the separatist PQ party to the separatist CAQ party. We will remind you that the charter of values called for people who wear religious symbols to be prohibited from working in public institutions.

Aging men trying to make their dream come true. Whose next in the pq party coming to boost the emperor? Will be bring back Pauline Marois? Jean Francois Lisee who didn’t get a chance to set a date for what he called Quebexit.

We will all have to wait until young French Canadians find their voices, mobilize and tell these old men that nobody wants separation and using the threat of the extinction of the French language is a lie.

Here’s something to give you nightmares: The department of Homeland Security warned that more violence in the United States could be on the way in the coming months. We are speaking of mass shootings.

This comes directly from their website: In the coming months, we expect the threat environment to become more dynamic as several high-profile events could be exploited to justify acts of violence against a range of possible targets. These targets could include public gatherings, faith-based institutions, schools, racial and religious minorities, government facilities and personnel, U.S. critical infrastructure, the media, and perceived ideological opponents.

Basically, stay home. Yet another the grass is not greener anywhere else lesson.

Israel’s coalition government is teetering on the brink of collapse after a dramatic Knesset showdown over legislation to extend legal protections for settlers in the occupied West Bank. In what was variously described by Israeli media as “one of the most surreal votes in Israeli history” and “political suicide”, the first reading of a bill renewing civilian legal rights for Jewish settlers in the West Bank failed to pass on Monday night.

This is a bit complicated, but here’s the history. Read it slowly because it’s pretty stunning.

Emergency regulations in place since the occupation of the Palestinian territories began in 1967 and renewed by the Knesset every five years have created two parallel legal systems in the West Bank, where about 500,000 Jewish settlers live in breach of international law but have Israeli citizenship. The 3 million Palestinians in the same area have been subject to Israeli military law for decades, a situation that three major human rights groups have said amounts to apartheid.

If the legislation is not renewed, or a modified version passed by the end of June, Israeli settlers will automatically become governed by military rule – a development that could throw into chaos the tax and policing system for Israelis in the West Bank, bring into question the status of Palestinian inmates being held in Israeli prisons and almost certainly lead to the collapse of the government.

Frankly, we don’t remember a time in Israel when there was not major drama in the government, always leading to yet another election with the same result.

We’ll talk…

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