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Sweltering in Airless, Non-Air Conditioned, Fanless ‘Senior Homes’…

Two thirds of senior homes in this city and most likely many others are not air conditioned. In case you didn’t notice the weather these days, the temperature was about 36 celsius or 95 Fahrenheit. We were listening to the radio recently and someone called in to say that a few months ago he had offered the government to start installing air conditioners into those institutions. He was ignored.

Two days ago Legault said, with a straight face no less, that  he gave the ok for said air conditioners to be installed in the senior homes. Like there are 18 wheelers loaded with fans and air conditioners with teams ready to spring into action the second Legault opens his mouth. Not. There will be very, very few air conditioners or fans installed  in those places.

Blanche, don’t you wonder where all the ‘inspectors’ aka bureaucrats were when they were supposed to be inspecting those long-term hell-holes? Did no one ever go there in the dog days of August when the temperature is over 90 for weeks on end?

Here’s the answer. No. They waited until the weather got better, or… they never went.

The final note on this is that we bet the government will call for an ‘inquiry’ into those ‘homes’. That should eat up about three years and then there’s another election so this whole fiasco will be dropped into the lap of the next government. And so it goes. How do you think things got so bad in the first place?

In 2015, Guy Laliberté sold  Cirque du Soleil – the pride and joy of les Quebecois – to an American private equity investment firm TPG Capital, Chinese investment company Fosun and the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec for a reported US$1.5 billion. French Canadians were shocked and went into a state of depression. Well, almost.

Anyone with half a brain knew that for this firm, Cirque du Soleil was just another acquisition. Did we say half a brain? But we digress.

This investment  firm clearly did not have a clue how to run an entertainment business and ergo, they ran it into the ground. Now, Laliberte wants to buy it back from them. But before that…

He wants and is getting $200 million from the Quebec government to keep his pride and joy afloat. Can we talk here? The very, very very last piece of society to open during this pandemic will be concerts, large sports venues and places like cirque du Soleil. $200 is a teaspoon of water  in the ocean for this organization to stay alive for the next year or eighteen months. But guess what? He’s getting your money anyway. Suck it up folks.

The two biggest losers in the judgment that Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou lost her extradition hearing are the two Canadians being held in China. They are known as the two Michaels but they do have last names: Kovrig and Spavo. Unlike Meng who is living in the lap of luxury out on $10 million bail, the Canadians are being held in China under brutal, inhumane conditions. You can be very sure that the full fury of the Chinese government will be taken out on those two innocent men, pawns of this idiotic political charade.

At the heart of it is of course is the weakling Trudeau who simply could not think fast enough when Trump said not to let her on the plane while she was on a stop over in Canada en route to China.

Instead of pretending that he didn’t see the message and figure out real quick that Canada would be in the middle of the Huawei mess, Trudeau held her here. The rest is history and two Canadians are most likely going to lose their lives because Trudeau can’t find his way out of a closet, let alone deal with a diplomatic crisis. The coronavirus is a perfect way to cover-up Trudeau’s complete bungling of this matter.

Don’t know about you, but the Justin Morning Show is wearing very thin. A lot of it is his tone of voice which is a cross between honey-sappingly over-sweet and completely fake.

Then there’s the non-substance. He manages to say nothing everyday including non-answers to questions. One would think that he’s already campaigning for the next election. Oh wait. He IS campaigning for the next election.

This week he pulled another fast one by planning to extend the suspension of regular parliamentary sittings until September because of COVID-19. He did this with the support of the NDP who clearly expected something in return, which they got.

In exchange for shutting down our democratic process, Jagmeet Singh got a pledge for us plebs to get 10 days of paid sick leave a year. He and all the other MP’s should hang their heads in shame for allowing Justin to pull this very China-like stunt.

The United States of America has some very big problems, but among the worst is the white/black issue.

The latest death of a black man happened in Minneapolis when a policemen put his knee on a man’s neck until he suffocated to death. The policeman and three of his fellow officers were summarily fired but the damage was done…again.

Not only does the US have to deal with the pandemic and all that comes with it, they are now dealing with riots and, in some places, total chaos in many parts of the country. Of course rioting is not the answer and nothing good will come from burning stores, looting and smashing police cars.

Given that, we are not sure what the answer is. Perhaps the re-education of both sides of this story – white policemen who don’t understand black culture and the black population who have an innate distrust of white policemen, often with good reason.

Please note the Blanche Report is coming in early today as the holiday of Shavuot begins tonight. 

Happy Shavuot, Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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