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Take A Deep Breath

Blanche, how many times did you start this report? Three? Four? The first sentence remains: What is a thinking, logical and sane person to do?

Our first question: where is Jared Kushner, seemingly the only one who has any influence on Trump? Here’s one place: We received an article saying that on Saturday – Shabbos – Jared is not around. Guess when this immigration fiasco started? Saturday.

We then received an in-depth article about the mental state of Trump, written by psychiatrists. It’s not pretty, even if it’s only half true, reporting that Trump has malignant narcissism. Heavy. If this is indeed factual and not written by ticked off democrats, he won’t last very long.

And then we went back to why someone like Trump was elected in the first place. For the past eight years, the Democrats were holier-than-thou looking at the ‘little people’ with disdain and a we-know-what’s-good-for-you attitude while dipping into the coffers aka other people’s money.

Obama was an arrogant president who disliked to be around other humans, unless they were playing golf. Middle America had enough of these sickeningly fake people, ergo the rise of Trump.

Instead of railing against Trump, the left should hang their heads in shame, beg for forgiveness and find someone to lead their party, which is in shambles. Right now it appears that the Trump Titanic (a la Tommy), is a rudderless ship. Not quite sinking but certainly heaving.

So what are ‘normal’ people do? Frankly Blanche, there’s nothing we can do except sit by, watch what appears to be a train wreck picking up speed and pray that someone is able to control the president.

The Quebec city mosque murders are grotesque and beyond sad, having left 17 orphans. Here’s a headline: All houses of worship are vulnerable to such people. They live under the radar, are usually loners, troll the dark internet and one day just snap. The issue is they have guns. Blanche, do you have a gun? Does anyone you know have one? Most likely not. Why can’t they snap and kill themselves? His life is over anyway.

Did anyone notice how sickeningly sweet Trudeau has become? Over the weekend, he opened the doors – with open arms no less, to Palestinian asylum-seekers. Get this Trudeau – they need to be vetted. Some of them do want to kill us, because no matter what anyone says, we are the infidels. Even nice muslims have to admit that.

At last night’s march he said that he supports the muslims, stands behind them and loves them. Loves them? He loves them? Sure, he loves them until they step into his four cubits. Let’s see how much he loves them then. He is the poster-boy for the left and good luck to them.

Let’s now get to the Parti Quebecois’s Jean Francois Lisee, one of the authors of the charter of values. Remember that? Was his party not the one who wanted to ban hijabs a short while ago? Was it not his party that riled up the population so that women in hijabs were getting attacked on buses? Indeed they were. Now he’s marching with everyone singing Kumbaya and holding hands? There is no barf-bag big enough for these two-faced liars. Ich and feh.

Oh no. Anthony Weiner’s back.Federal prosecutors are deciding whether or not to press child-pornography charges against him over sexually explicit exchanges he allegedly had with a 15-year-old girl. Seriously? He’s really a sicko.

If you recall, Weiner was one of the causes, or so says Hillary, of her loss. Less than two weeks before election day, FBI Director James Comey disclosed that FBI agents had discovered a laptop with emails that might be related to the probe of a private email server used by Clinton while she was secretary of state. The emails turned out to have been on a laptop used by Weiner and his now-estranged wife, Huma Abedin who was a top aide to Mrs. Clinton.

Comey ultimately announced, two days before the election, that the search of the laptop had turned up nothing but the damage was done. Now Weiner’s in trouble again. Would someone please take away all his devices. One minute. What size are his hands? Blanche, you are dizguzting.

Former mind-numbingly boring foreign affairs minister Stephane Dion got quite the plumb position as Canada’s ambassador to the European Union and Germany. He’ be living somewhere in Europe, no doubt in a gorgeous apartment or house. Our guess it will be in Brussels where the EU has its office.

Just to keep you in the loop, Hillary Clinton’s thoughts are with people being excluded by Trump’s ban.

One of the looser cannons in Trump’s inner circle is Steve Bannon. When we googled his name here are two of the three headlines that immediately popped up: From the Guardian: Steve Bannon is calling the shots in the White House and that’s terrifying. From In case it wasn’t clear, Steve Bannon is our president. Both are scary.

So who is this guy? For starters, he’s the executive chairman of Breitbart news, called the website for alt-right. He cheered the tea party, waiting in the wings to shake up the Republican party. Both the left and right don’t like him.

In an interview with the NY Times, Bannon said that the media is “the opposition party” and should “keep its mouth shut.” Sean Spicer, the front man and press secretary for Trump and the person who speaks to the media on a daily basis, had to walk back Bannon’s comments. ““The press plays a very healthy role in democracy, no question about it.”

One of these two dudes is not going to last long in the new administration. We bet Spicer is the first to bolt.

In an totally unprecedented and unacceptable manner, Obama chimed in on Trump’s immigration brouhaha. He “fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion.” Really? Could have fooled us.

Here’s a headline: You are not the president and nobody cares what you think. Time to play another round of golf.

We’ll talk…

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