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...Seems the younger people did not come out and vote which is why the caq got way more seats than the last time. They were simply not inspired to vote, which is a sad commentary on our society.

...The liberal party needs to rebuild as one senior liberal said when interviewed. That was a direct shot at Anglade who said she is not leaving even if they lose seats - which they clearly did. Here's a headline for her, which we heard through the grapevine: The liberal party is rebuilding and our guess is Anglade is not going to be part of the construction site.

...Gabriel Nadeau Dubois leader of the separatist quebec solidaire won his seat.

...The immigration minister who said that 80% of immigrants don't work and don't speak French won his seat handily. Looks like the base liked what he said. We are guessing that they have enough workers in the regions and don't need immigrants.

...Feh. Bernard Drainville the 'former' separatist elected for the caq. We're guessing he will be going after legault's job.

...As predicted, the conservative party did well in the popular vote but so far has not one seat, which could be the end result.

Nothing will be like 1976 when the Parti Quebecois came into power. People literally stopped breathing - all across Canada.

Czar Legault is also a separatist but he couches his true feelings. Who knows what he will do now...

In the end, never forget who runs the world.

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