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Tata Sunny Ways

Where exactly is Trump taking everyone? For starters, he’s definitely trying, in a very conscious way, to upset the establishment and anything to do with it. In that regard he’s getting a perfect score.

What is unsettling is that while he is trying to move the chess pieces around, there is heavy resistance in the form of civil disobedience. Going from no-drama Obama to drama-filled Trump is literally unhinging the left. Case in point is last night’s riot at Berkeley university.

An alt-right wing person from Breitbart was supposed to speak. Why he would choose one of the cores of liberal America, in California no less, is anyone’s guess. To inflame everyone? Possibly. What transpired there – fires, smashing windows, hundreds and hundreds of people shouting and demonstrating was not planned only by those students. There are people on the left who are well-versed in organizing such riots.

Kicking and screaming is not going to make Trump disappear, nor will temper tantrums. He’s in that White House to stay for quite a while. If they – the democrats think that he will be moved to change his mind because of a demonstration, they best change their tactics. Not only will be not change his mind, he will be emboldened and energized by all the attention.

Given the above analogy, the sabre-rattling between Iran and US is definitely unsettling. Giving them ultimatums is scary to say the least. They are not going to take Trump’s ‘nothing off the table’ remark lying down.

In fact, they saved face today: “A top adviser to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Iran will not yield to “useless” U.S. threats from “an inexperienced person” over its ballistic missile program.” Gulp.

Leaks from within the White House are getting to the media like a quick dripping faucet. Reporters just need a phone and patience for information to flow. The question is why is this happening? There are two theories, neither of which are very comforting.

The first is that Trump is addicted to cable TV – CNN, FoxNews, Morning Joe, you name it. Because he doesn’t like listening to anyone giving him advice, in order for his inner circle to reach him, they do it through the media. Oy.

The second theory is that those inside think Trump is unstable as a leader and are using selective leaks to make sure that people know what is really going on inside the White House.

Last piece about Trump – for today. Balloons are floating out there that Melania and Barron  are not moving to Washington at all. They will remain in New York and go back and forth to Washington for the duration of Trump’s presidency. Which of course would put Ivanka in the place of the first lady. Nothing wrong with that.

Justin Trudeau is quickly ticking off not only his detractors, but those who put him into power. During the election campaign he promised (Blanche, do you seriously believe those promises? They are as real as the hole in a cheerio.) that he would reform the first-past-the-post voting system. Blanche, are you rolling your eyes cause you don’t know what this means? Here ya go:

In every riding, the candidate that wins the highest number of votes wins the right to represent that particular seat in the House of Commons. The winner does not need an absolute majority — i.e., more than 50 per cent of the votes cast in the riding, ergo first past the post, like in a horse race.

What does this mean? Three things:

1. Many candidates win their seats with less than 50 per cent of the votes. 2. Two people running in different ridings can each earn the same percentage of the vote but one may win while the other does not. 3. The first-past-the-post system can also encourage what some call tactical voting — casting a ballot not for the person you want to vote for, but for the candidate best positioned to defeat the candidate you most dislike.

So he lied. Now he says that he never promised this. Blanche, he can’t be that dense can he? No. He’s not dense. He just has an over-inflated sense of entitlement  and does whatever he wants. He’s now claiming that he had “always” said no change would be made until they knew what the majority of Canadians wanted. Not true. Tata sunny ways.

One more Trump business. Ever wondered about his hair? Seems the mystery is solved. He takes something to make his hair grow. Who knew? His doctor.

He takes three meds daily:  A prostate-related drug to promote hair growth, antibiotics to control rosacea which is why he sometimes looks red and a statin for elevated blood cholesterol and lipids. So what’s a statin? A class of drugs often prescribed to help lower cholesterol levels. Blanche, look how much you learned today.

Let’s bet Lady Gaga’s half-time show at the super bowl will be political. We say yes. It’s just too good an opportunity to pass up. A wardrobe malfunction? Probably not. An in-your-face anti-Trump tirade? Fah sure.

Flying anytime soon? Take a valium before you go. The average plane now has 142 seats as compared to the old 137. Problem is, the plane didn’t get any bigger.

Worse than the smaller seats is the smaller loo. Wait a minute. How can those bathrooms get any smaller? You certainly can’t go outside the bathroom to change your mind. Once yer in bud, you’re in.

So what happens if you can barely fit in the bathroom? How can you pull your pants down? Blanche, honestly you are gross. Better, how can you pull your pants up? This is not pretty. Here’s a travel tip: Don’t drink for 24 hours before flying. Then you will only have to deal with the 17 inch seat and not the 12 inch bathroom.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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