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It’s bad enough that there is there no leadership in the world. Now those in power are making things worse than ever. We speak of Joe Biden who angrily said that getting out of Afghanistan was necessary. He’s an ignorant fool.

US intelligence told him that leaving would create a vacuum for the taliban to take over – very quickly. They told him to get their translators and others who helped the US out of the country before the troops left. He didn’t. And guess what? He doesn’t give a rats about them. Nor about anything that is happening there. And that is dangerous because before you can blink China will be filling the void and ‘helping’ the taliban, with a serious foothold in that area.

When people elect senile old men as president, this is the result.

We asked one of our inside political pundits if he thought the US Canada land border would open on August 21. His response was that the US is in chaos right now. End of discussion. Unfortunately, he is correct. The US cannot deal with more than one crisis at a time. Keeping Canadians from crossing the US land border makes zero difference to them. It’s keeping the Mexican border that is the issue and as we have said before, we are collateral damage.

When Trump was in power, everyone was complaining – constantly – that he never got things done. His office was pandemonium. Guess what? Biden’s staff is worse. Not only are in a complete tumult, they can’t fulfill more than one item on their to-do list per day.

The airlines – Air Canada in particular, are grossly gouging the public on airfares, knowing there is no other way for Canadians to get into the US. We wish that the media would take them to task on this. Try to get to New York from Montreal. The cheapest flight you will now find is about $800 one way. Disgusting.

Regarding the federal election campaign, here’s a tip, free of charge. Don’t believe the polls. None of them. They just predicted a huge victory for the liberals in Nova Scotia and guess what? The conservatives won with a nice majority. Anecdotally, we can tell you that people are done with Justin. As they have said, their choice is vote for the candidate in their riding and ignore that he or she is a liberal or don’t vote at all.

If you looked at the liberal posters, Justin does not appear with any of his candidates. They stand on their own merit.

In our riding of Mount Royal we wonder if there is anyone running for the conservatives as there is not a single poster anywhere of the candidate. It could not have been a surprise that the election was called because even the raccoon in my backyard knew about it. Whoever his campaign manager is needs to up the ante a notch or move a tad faster than Theo the turtle or the conservatives will be left behind in the dust.

As for Justin, in an article we read in the National Post: …if a leader claims to support women — or even be a feminist — they better be prepared to walk the talk. Trudeau’s Liberals are happy to make a big show of supporting women, Indigenous peoples, and other minorities, but fail these same groups over and over again.

Blanche, do you think anyone actually believes that Justin is a feminist? Here’s a headline: Justin likes women. Especially if they are pretty.  But that does not mean he’s a feminist. It means he likes women. C’est tous.

Being a feminist means supporting women even if they don’t agree with him and he doesn’t do that. Where’s Ruth Bader Ginsberg when we need her? Justin needs to be called out for what he is by someone with her stature. Dream on dear.

One more thing about the taliban and women. If anyone believes one word of what those men are saying, they are living in lala land. The taliban are going to make the lives of women and girls there a living hell. Biden may be too senile to understand that, but people like Jenn Psaki, his spokesperson certainly does.

Yet, she defends him day after day. Don’t ever tell us that Trump’s people were bad. These people are holier-than-thou thinking they know everything. Feh.

Yet another nutcase is causing havoc in Washington. Some white dude in a black pickup truck is claiming to have a bomb. Police are ‘negoiating’ with him. Can we talk? Do these men have nothing to do with their lives? Clearly not because once this is over, if he lives through it, he won’t have a life except in jail. Giddy up. Update: The yahoo surrendered to police.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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