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The Blanche Report: Corporate Runs, Glamping, Hacking

Associated Press was hacked today.  A false tweet was sent ostensibly from AP, saying that the White House had been hit by two explosions and that Barack Obama was injured. The result? The stock market crashed 143 points upon hearing the news. Once it was determined that nothing was true, the market recovered.

One trader expressed what happened: “My initial reaction before I realized it was a fake tweet was the same horrible feeling I had when I worked at the top of the New York stock exchange when planes hit the World Trade Center. When I realized it was a fake tweet, I was outraged and ashamed that the market was able to be manipulated so easily.” Not much more to say here. Ever hear of glamping? Didn’t think so. Glamping is glam camping! Don’t you worry dere Blanche, we’re not going camping – glam or not. We ain’t swattin no mosquitoes all night. Back to glamping….

You get back to nature in a glam way by staying in luxury cabins or tents and all your meals are five star. While glamping you can indulge in spa treatments, horseback riding, fly-fishing, and many other activities done in a rather civilized way. Where can you do this, you ask? In The Resort at Paws Up in Greenough Montana.

Of course there’s the flip side of glam camping. You can find that in Shady Dell, Brisbee Arizona. Jen and Justin run an ‘inspiring’ campsite consisting of restored aluminum travel trailers, each one with a different theme. You can stay in the Chris Craft Yacht, which is an actual restored boat complete with champagne in the fridge or  The “Polynesian Palace” which has its own hand-carved outrigger bar, so there’s no need to worry about driving home after having a few too many. Don’t you love America?

Don’t you sometimes wonder which planet some Quebecers live on? North America is still reeling from what happened in Boston last Monday and what could have happened on a train going from Toronto to New York. But here in la Belle Province? Some are trying to take down municipal bylaw P6 that bans people from wearing masks at protests and requires organizers to submit their itineraries to police.

As we have heard over the airwaves, it is the norm in every other city to have to submit the route of the protest to the police both to protect the public and the protesters. Re the masks… it is almost too idiotic to comment on. If one has enough passion to go out and protest for something, then they should be proud to show their face, not slink around hiding behind a mask. Small minded, stupid, people. So who is Paul Kevin Curtis? Well, he’s one of the best Elvis Presley impersonators around. He was also accused, last week, of  sending ricin-laced letters to President Obama and others. Guess what? After checking out his house, the FBI could not find one speck of ricin. He was let go and all charges dropped. Oops.

On Thursday there’s going to be a corporate run in downtown Miami. Backpacks, gym bags and large bags will not be allowed. Runners were told they need to plan ahead and leave their bags behind at home or the office. Welcome to the new normal.

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