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The Blanche Report: Drainville, Duffy & the Jewel Heist

Princess pauline and her lovely group of ministers seem to be sitting pretty in Quebec. As we said on Sunday, Mr. Bernard Drainville will not apologize for his anti-semitic remarks and actions recently. In case you don’t think it’s such a big deal that he won’t take a step back, read this:

…Mr. Dutrizac then mocked the fact that observant Jews do not operate vehicles during their holidays (“What century do we live in?”), and asked Mr. Drainville if he knew of any other cities that tolerate such “superstition.” Again, rather than denouncing these inappropriate comments on the spot, Mr. Drainville ran with them in order to attempt to justify his proposed Charter of Secularism. And again we say that the Jewish leadership in our city must step up to the plate in a very visible way. In a week these remarks will fade away, but the next time someone does or says something, they will do it much more boldly and with no fear of retribution.

Mike Duffy and Pamela Walin were both appointed to the senate in Ottawa. If you have been a good boy or girl in your party, you get rewarded with a senate seat. The salary is $132,000 per year for basically doing nothing. It’s called political patronage.

The two people named above owe the Canadian taxpayers $90,000 and about $300,000 respectively. Duffy’s is for living expenses, Walin’s is for traveling expenses. Although this scandal broke last week, we only heard from a tight-lipped Harper today, after his chief of staff resigned for cutting Duffy a personal check for $90,000. Now what was that all about? A personal check?

Shall we remind you of the sponsorship scandal which decimated the Liberal party? Why is it that once people get to Ottawa they feel that they can just dip into the till at will? Your tax dollars at work. Feh.

Watch for a huge Google scandal. Someone named Barney Jones, who worked for Google from 2002-2006 is spilling the beans on an elaborate structure which diverts British profits through Ireland to the Bermuda tax haven. It seems that he saved no less than 100,000 emails to prove his point. Best he watch where he’s going until he actually testifies somewhere.

If you’re over 25 you probably never heard of Tumblr. Take note. It’s a blog website that let’s you share anything from music to jobs to how to be a sherpa.  It was started by a young man named David Karp in his mother’s living room in Manhattan. Yahoo just bought him out for $1.1 billion.  Yes Blanche, that’s b as in billion. Next.

Then there’s Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto who was caught on video smoking crack cocaine with some interesting Somalis. We have lost count of his scandals, all of which he managed to weasel out of,  but this one may do him in. He’s been laying low and keeping very quiet of late. If he was innocent, he would be yelling from the top of the CN Tower. And now for Obama.  Right now he’s putting out fires on three fronts but, his ratings do not seem to be affected. Probably because the republican party has yet to put forth someone people could envision as president. But we digress.

The root of Obama’s problem is the Benghazi terrorist attack. He, Hilary and everyone else around them tried to tell the public that even though the attack took place on 9/11 (2012), it was not a terrorist attack that killed Ambassador Stevens and three militia men. They tried to sell the story that a movie made by a third-rate hacker caused the people in Libya to attack the embassy there. No one believed them but no one did anything about it because the presidential election was taking place two months later.

Fast forward to now: …On May 13, 2013 it was learned that the Justice Department secretly obtained two months of telephone records of reporters and editors for The Associated Press. …Then we learned of the IRS’s targeting of the Tea Party and Tea Party-like groups. This has led investigators to information pointing to an August 2011 meeting in which the office of the chief counsel for the IRS was made aware of the issue.

All of these heavy-duty issues have one common thread: What did Obama know and when did he know it? Although right now Obama’s ratings are not affected, if it turns out that he either knew of or quietly sanctioned things by turning his head away – he could be in trouble. Could being the operative word here. Remember tricky dicky (Richard Nixon). We have Obama the operator. Last week was the Cannes film festival. It was also a festival for some jewel thieves. It seems that the company Chopard brought some serious gems to the tune of over $1 million to the film festival, probably to lend out to the little starlets. Whoever was in charge deposited said jewels in the safety deposit box in his hotel room.

Unbeknownst to him, someone who was obviously in the know about said jewelery, rented the room right next door. Sometime when his neighbor was out, the guy next door cut a hole in the adjoining wall and simply pulled the safe out with all the jewels inside. Doink – by now they are cut up and probably sold all over the world. May we suggest that if one is bringing millions of dollars of jewelry and leaving it in a safety deposit box in their room, they book adjoining rooms on both sides. Who needs Agatha Christie!

We’ll talk…

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