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The Blanche Report: Parizeau, Snowden & Squares

If we tried to make up a story, it would pale in comparison to the insane machinations of princess pauline. Today she declared that the Quebec Soccer Federation is ‘independent’ and does not have to listen to either FIFA or the Canada’s soccer authority. Here are her words exactly: “It’s autonomous. It’s not subject to the Canadian federation,” says Pauline Marois. “I believe the Quebec federation has the right to establish its own rules.” Oh really.

These delicious words come after the Quebec Soccer Federation was suspended from the Canadian Soccer Association after the province refused to lift its ban on players who wear turbans.

Can we talk? The princess is pandering to the hardliners in her party. By doing so, she is encountering, on a weekly basis, one idiotic scandal after the next. And these scandals are not kept just here in la belle province. They are shared and written about world-wide. At first, we were a bit upset at how she was treating everyone except pure-laine quebecois – those French Canadians who have lived here for generations. But then we said hey, wait a minute – she’s beginning to sound like Jacques Parizeau and continuously putting her foot into her mouth. We await the day when the people of Quebec – French and English – who just want to live and let live – finally take a stand and put a shoe permanently in her mouth.

By now everyone in the world knows who Edward Snowden is. In case you don’t, he’s the dude who leaked the National Security Agency documents about big brother monitoring phone calls, emails, facebook pages etc. As altruistic as Snowden’s intentions were, we don’t completely agree with him or with what he did.

It will not come as a shock to anyone that since 9/11 the world is a very different place. Try to take a flight anywhere and you’ll be confronted with our new normal. One of the reasons that everyone is looked upon as a potential terrorist is because racial profiling is a four letter word. Up until this moment, the ‘nice’ countries won’t do it. 

So  how do the good guys monitor the bad guys? The ones like the two men who set off bombs at the Boston Marathon? By listening to conversations, by monitoring emails, by using algorithms to detect key words and then get to the group that wants to maim and kill us. Yes, they want to kill all the infidels and that’s you and me.

Did Obama cross the line here? Probably. Did he abuse wiretapping and listen in on his opponents? Probably. But this still does not give Snowden the right to do what he did, as big a hero as many are making him out to be.

He claims he did not endanger any single individual by giving out their names. We posit that he endangered the entire world by exposing one of the key defense mechanisms of getting those who want to get us.

This next little ditty is just, well, a tad in the ‘out there’ department. Remember last week we told you that Prince Philip was undergoing some kind of exploratory surgery? Ok. Now read this:

The Queen visited her husband Prince Philip on Monday evening, personally delivering a birthday card as he turned 92.  In her hand she carried an envelope addressed to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. Prince Philip was “comfortable and in good spirits” as he received a visit from his wife at 7pm.

Come on Liz – he’s your husband! Cut a bit of the English and all that rot slack. Uh, ya think maybe Phil is just as happy to be left alone?

Yet another spring, another square, another set of riots. This time it’s Taksim Square in Istanbul. The Turkish Muslim Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is steadfastly refusing to budge on his insistence the protesters leave the square. The protesters are equally set on staying. Erdogan has the resources to move everyone out of there and he’s stopping short of doing just that.  It doesn’t look like anything good will come of this except maybe that the protesters will save the park that was supposedly the essence of the riots. Stay tuned, this is an ongoing, minute by minute story. Ok – how bad is this weather? Don’t you feel like you want to start to build an ark in your backyard? Maybe give Noah a call to get the plans? We cannot remember a spring like this. Two days of sunshine – maybe – and a week of rain. Guess it could be worse – we could have tornadoes and hurricanes. Hunker down – one more day of this.

We’ll talk…

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